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wide brim straw hat


Wearing: Jacquemus Dress (shop similar here), Vintage Wide Brim Straw Hat (real deal here and affordable styles here, here, and here), Zara Transparent Sandals (alternatives here and here), and a Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito Bag (budget option here)

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The infamous Jacquemus wide brim straw hat got a makeover this season and it’s gone viral embellishing many a vacation goals picture in our Instagram feeds.

wide brim straw hat

wide brim straw hat
wide brim straw hat    
wide brim straw hat

You couldn’t have possibly missed at least one summer vacation picture from someone wearing a big ass wide brim straw hat on your Instagram feed. It’s all due to the already iconic model Jacquemus launched last summer and which came in a bigger, bolder version this season. While I love the hat a lot, I just wouldn’t spend over €200 on an accessory that won’t even fit in my suitcase when going on vacation, let alone in a car. However, Etsy comes always to the rescue with its vintage treasures, like this extra wide brim straw hat I found there and which was the biggest model closest to the Jacquemus one I found in the whole internet for over a month.

Having said that, of course the high street hasn’t hesitated in instantly releasing its own copycat versions of the hat, which I linked to above. My favorite  has to be the H&M one, which is kinda faithful to the original model despite being far from the original size.

While I am not wearing the original Jacquemus hat, I am wearing a dress I bought 3 seasons back and my favorite mini bag.  I tried to recreate the whole La Bomba aesthetic in this cinetorial that we shot in the small town we live in, which is nowhere near as colorful as Habana or Marseille. However, we managed to find a couple of spots with rough, textured walls that are reminiscent of any Mediterranean getaway location.

By the way, if you are looking for more ways to wear a straw hat this summer, check out this post.

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