Wannawear | White and Grey

outfit81 1. Acne ‘Raya’ Cardigan(perfect budget options here and here)  2. Monki Crop Top(similar here, here, and here)  3. Kriss Soonik ‘Silvia’ Lace Bra  4. Joseph ‘Liz’ Perforated Leather Skirt(similar budget options here, here,  and here)  5. Kara Backpack(similar here, here, and here)  6. New Balance Sneakers (also here)

Say “hello” to my favorite non color combination of all: grey and white. I can wear it all summer long, all winter long, heck, all year long and I simply will not tire of it. It’s a more subtle contrast than black and white, yet it’s perfect for minimalistic looks.

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