Travel | Where to stay in Berlin on a Budget: Motel One Leipziger Platz

19. July 2015

Motel One Leipziger Platz, Berlin

If you are travelling to Berlin on a budget, I can’t  recommend enough staying at Motel One in Leipziger Platz/Postdamer Platz, aka in the heart of Berlin, not only because of its centric location, access to the historic quartier, and low prices (prices start from Euro 82,95, which is the cheapest you can get there), but because it’s comfortable and practical if you are a business traveler  on the run besides having lovely modern design elements. I had the pleasure to stay there for 3  nights and for the quality, I must say that the prices are really low. The bathroom and everything is flawlessly clean, the bed super comfy, but that’s not even the best part about it! The rooms actually have a panoramic view to Berlin and the Bundesrat and lovely balconies with chairs, where you can work from or simply get fresh air.

Motel One Leipziger Platz Motel One Leipziger Platz

The bed is so soft and comfy that a good night’s sleep is guaranteed, even after a day of constantly being on the run, as I was. The room also includes a flat screen TV if you need to shut down your mind and simply watch something.

How awesome are bathroom’s sinks? I need one like that at home!


Motel One Leipziger Platz Motel One Leipziger Platz

One of my favorite aspects about the hotel is the awesome modern design and futuristic elements. You would never believe the prices if you simply enter the hotel.


Motel One Leipziger Platz    Motel One Leipziger Platz Motel One Leipziger Platz

But the most jawdropping factor about it besides its location, price, and design is the fact that it offers a panoramic view to the city and I had the luck to get a room just in front of the Bundesrat. The air in hotel rooms can get often quite heavy, especially with air conditioner in high summer, so having access to immediate fresh air is just A+.

The room also includes a small working area with a table and a chair, where you can connect your laptop (WiFi is obviously included) and work if you need to, but you can also work from the balcony.

Motel One Leipziger Platz Motel One Leipziger Platz   Motel One Leipziger Platz   Lounge_01     Motel One Leipziger Platz

With lots of little lounges with flatscreen TVs and ultra modern sleek furniture and design, you are guaranteed to feel like a king/queen when having breakfast or any meal at their lounge, where you can easily also work from.

Another extra awesome detail about it is that it’s located just beside a shopping center where you will find absolutely everything: from Zara, H&M, to Saturn (I needed to buy a cable for my Iphone, which I had forgotten on the train on my way to Berlin, so this was extra helpful) and even bakeries and  lotsa restaurants.

So if you are on a budget, yet want a comfortable stay in Berlin, now you know where to stay. I, for one, know where I’ll be staying next time.

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  • Reply Theresa 20. July 2015 at 3:20

    Always looking for new places to stay at when we go to Berlin, so thanks for the rec. Definitely sounds like you get a lot for the price. 🙂


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