Travel | Where to stay in Berlin Luxury Edition: Gorki Apartments

Gorki_Apartments_3 Gorki Apartments, Berlin Mitte

This is where I spent my last night in Berlin and trust me, if you think it looks amazing, the pictures still don’t make it any justice. Scroll down to see more of these amazing luxurious, yet homely and cozy apartments in the heart of Berlin.

Gorki_Apartments_ Gorki_Apartments_12 Gorki_Apartments_1 Gorki_Apartments_5

Once you enter the apartment you see two doors slightly open and leading to the bedroom, like in a film or in a dream. The bed is every bit as comfy as it seems and includes an amazing noiseless fan and access to the balcony through really huge windows and a view to the gorgeous neighborhood. A flatscreen TV is just in front of it in case you want to watch something.

Gorki_Apartments_2    Gorki_Apartments_4 Gorki_Apartments_13

The art deco bathtub is definitely one of the highlights of the apartment, truly heavenly. But if you are on the run and prefer a fast shower, then no problem, because there is one with adjustable temperature.

Gorki_Apartments_7 Gorki_Apartments_6

Having access to a kitchen is definitely a money and life saver (you can probably save as much in food as the apartment costs if you think about it) and the one included in the apartment is pretty much everything you need to prepare coffee and even make some scrambled eggs with toast.


Gorki_Apartments_8 Gorki_Apartments_9

The dining area has direct access to the balcony and the big windows let a gorgeous lighting inside. Also, how beautiful is that crown moulding and hanging lamp? It’s elegant and sumptuous, without being excessive.


Even though I am not the type who would stay in a luxurious hotel, as I am very practical, I really enjoyed my stay at Gorki Apartments, because despite them being so fine and elegant, they have homely and warm elements to them. So if you are the kind of person who loves more space and wants an enjoyable and homely place in Berlin, these apartments are the right place for you to stay at.


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