Outfit | Swatch n’ Roll #YourMove (+Video)

Swatch Skin Outfit

Wearing: Swatch Skin Watch c/o Swatch


When Rock n’ Roll and fashion meet, the new Swatch Skin watch comes to the rescue allowing you to freely make #YourMove with their ultra-thin, minimalistic designs, because who says you can’t windmill your guitar in style?


Once upon a time, I listened to Guns n’ Roses’ cover of  Bob

Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ when I was 11 years old

and I knew instantly this was the sound I identified with. As a

rock n’ roll and guitar solo lover at heart, I started shortly

afterwards to learn to play guitar.

A fun fact you probably don’t know about me is that I was in a

rock band when I was in uni and we even had a concert once

in a club  in front of the whole architecture faculty and even

many others. I can’t remember ever being so nervous, but it

turned out to be one of the most unforgettable nights of my


Besides rock n’ roll, Swatch is one of those iconic brands I

was a fan of since I can remember. I always admired their cutting

edge technology and sleek, modern designs, which were– and after

decades–still are ahead of their time.

Freedom of movement is fundamental when you are having fun

playing guitar and doing dynamic activities you love to do.

The new Swatch Skin minimal watch line consists of Swatch’s

thinnest and almost weightless model up to date, which allows

free motion like dancing. In my case, I tested it by playing guitar

with maneuvers such as windmilling and it felt like second skin.



The new Swatch Skin timepiece line comes in 11 minimalist

styles that perfectly integrate into any outfit.

So why should you try the new Swatch Skin?

1. Freedom. It’s thinner, therefore lighter, than just about any

other watch out there and feels like second skin even in motion

(hence the name ‘Skin‘).

2. Design. They come in modern, sophisticated, sharp, and clean

minimal designs, which allow you to amp up your style game by

adding that finishing touch to any outfit.

3. Price. They won’t break your bank account with their affordable

prices yet outstanding quality,  which traditional Swiss timekeeping

is known for.

So, music is my move, what’s #yourmove?



On this image: Swatch Skin Watch

Photography: Hubby

Art Direction & Editing: By yours truly

Artwork & Collage:  Inspired by Kasimir Malevich’s ‘Suprematist Composition 1915’ .



In collaboration with Swatch



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