Outfit | Organic Minimalism: An Aesthetic with a Nature-Inspired Approach

slit skirt outfit ideas

slit skirt outfit ideas

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Meet the new minimalism: earthy tones, natural textures, rustic touches meet purism and clear lines.


slit skirt outfit ideas slit skirt outfit ideas slit skirt outfit ideas

slit skirt outfit ideas
slit skirt outfit ideas
    slit skirt outfit ideas

Living in the digital age has made us disconnect a lot with our human roots just like extreme consumerism has brought tragic consequences to our environment producing global warming, melting of polar ice, pollution of the oceans, endangered and extinct species and the loss of habitat of existing ones. We are living an existential crisis not only regarding our planet as we know it, but consequently — our own.

Minimalism has emerged during the past years as a reaction to consuming in excess. Consequently, many are embracing living with less, or better said with the essential. However, the almost sterile and aseptic aspect of minimalism as an aesthetic movement in addition to the disconnection with nature we are experiencing due to spending most of our times in our phones or computers is not a good equation. Moreover, the extreme rationalist and pragmatic aspect of minimalism is problematic, because it dehumanizes and reduces us to pure reason, it mechanizes life and seems to ignore that irrational, intuitive element that is also a part of us.

This is why (at least I) think, that the emergence of a minimal aesthetic that embraces nature and its forms might be necessary. Think integrating nature-inspired forms and raw, natural textures like straw, wood, raffia as well as a warm, earthy tone spectrum to your home or outfit.

The lines stay clear, the forms remain pure, less stays being more,  but there is an integration of natural or nature-inspired elements and forms. Why embrace it? Because while it won’t save our planet, it is a physical reminder of our organic roots.


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