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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve noticed by now that maxi coats are the biggest trend of the season, in fact they have been around for several already. Inspired mostly by menswear, they come in different colours, fabrics, prints, and one predominant cocoon shape, which can be balanced out with skinny jeans and skirts to add a femenine touch. 
The most popular maxi coats this season come in pink, camel, tartan, grey, with pinstripes and white. If you purchase a Céline or Stella McCartney coat in a neutral colour, it is quite a great investment that will last a lifetime. As for the rest of us mortals ASOS has providing all the maxi coats in all the main colours of the season. Below are my favourites and I seriously want them all. 
1. ASOS Cocoon Coat in white 2.River Island Faux Fur Coat 3.ASOS Cocoon Coat in pink 4. River Island Grey Maxi Fur Coat 5.ASOS Longline Coat 6.ASOS Oversized Coat in Grey 7. ASOS Oversized Coat in Camel 8. ASOS Pinstripe Coat 9. ASOS Tartan Coat
Photos courtesy of ASOS

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