Shopping | The Best No-Fuss and Practical Unisex Christmas Gifts Under 250€

holidaygiftguide 1. Acne Studios Unisex Canada Scarf 

2. Case Scenario Iphone 6 Case

3. Larsson & Jennings Unisex Watch

4. Maison Cashmere 100% Cashmere V Neck Sweaters for him and her

5. New Look Marble Backpack

6. Assouline Set of three Chanel by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Vincent Meylan and Martine Marcowith hardcover books

7. Ray-Ban Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses

8. Comme des Garçons Unisex Pouch

9. Derek Rose Cotton-Terry Bathrobe

10. MAC Cosmetics ‘Keepsake’ Studio Brush Kit

11. Baxter of California Chrome-Plated Safety Razor

A lot of people would argue that Christmas presents shouldn’t be comprised of items you need. I disagree. If people bought more presents consisting of practical and great quality pieces we all need, everybody would save a lot of money, time,  stress, and resources. Why? Most of the time, we think we know what someone wants and we take a risk at guessing it, while the person at the end might not be 100% happy with it, since they did not choose the item him/herself. Said person might, at the very end, buy what he/she really wanted, so twice the money/resources are being spent on the same item.

When you buy a practical and useful great quality gift, you eliminate all risks of the person being unhappy with it, as chances are they might surely use it. You save them money, since they will not buy said item again, knowing they already have it. Practical items, differently to gifts like clothing, require no sizing and fit risks, also the personal taste factor is eliminated. For instance, if you buy your boyfriend/husband a supreme quality razor blade, you can’t say they’ll buy one again and this is a gift that could last him years, whereas if you buy him a jacket, it might not fit him, suit him, or he might simply not like it.

Above, some ideas for both him and her.

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