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18. December 2015

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

Gear S2 Smart Watch c/o Samsung Germany

The new Samsung Gear is the ultimate smart watch for people in fashion. Why? Simple: It includes many apps that will make your life much easier, plus, it comes in a super stylish gear. You can even  change its straps and faces in different themes and colors. Scroll down to experience its awesome functions and appearance options.

1. You can make it completely match your #OOTD

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

That’s right, you can change the straps to a color that matches your outfit.

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

Not feeling like taking the effort to change the straps? You can change the look of your Gear‘s interface accordingly to your current mood, needs, and also to what you are wearing. There’s a whole gallery of options on your Android phone to choose your favorite face and it will sync to it automatically.

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

2. Stay updated much faster and more discretionally Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

Are you waiting for an urgent message, but you are having at the moment a coffee with your BFF? Checking your phone is a no-go, unless you want to make your friend upset. This is not a problem with Samsung’s smart watch, since you only need to glance at your wrist (which is more sociably acceptable and less err rude than frantically checking your phone) and the flicker of a text message will let you know how urgent it is. This app is a total life (and attention) saver.


3. Play or skip a song from your wrist

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

The days where you had to reach for your phone or a remote control to change the music on your player  or pause your favorite tune are long gone. With the new Gear S2 Watch you can control what you are listening to from your wrist with the music app. I can’t even begin to enumerate the reasons why this is so useful, but I’ll name a couple: while at work and when exercising.


4. Navigate your way through a city or a nearby restaurant hands free

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

I won’t even start telling you how many times I’ve looked completely ridiculous whilst lost around a new city looking at either a piece of paper or desperately typing on my phone to search for directions. Now this has become a less annoying task with this smart watch.

Last time my husband and I were in Munich, we tried desperately to look for a good Bavarian food restaurant nearby. It was about to rain so we had to really hurry. Unfortunately, we took about half an hour to find the right place. Had we had this watch back then, it would have taken far less time and less hassle.


5. Stay Fit

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. But having apps like S Health and Nike+, which record your workout, measure your activity level, track your steps throughout the day, and even monitor your water intake is not bad at all, especially if you have as a New Year’s Resolution to become healthier and more fit. Now all I need is some #fitspo and to set myself #goals.

Overall, I’m honestly super happy with my Gear S2 Smart Watch, not only because it will match my every outfit, but mainly because I am a music freak and this will save me loads of trouble. Furthermore, I think the fitness apps make it much easier to get motivated and track your progress.

Wishing you all a beautiful and fun Friday!


In collaboration with Samsung Deutschland

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