saks potts coat outfit

Wannawear | Spring Ahead + The Only 10 Timeless Trends You Need To Know If You’re Not Into Neon, Biker Shorts & Co.

saks potts coat outfit

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With spring just a couple of months ahead of us and despite (or because of) the current freezing weather, it’s inevitable for any fashion lover to start dreaming about next season and for once stop wearing all those layers whilst reminiscing a snowman. This Saks Potts coat paired with lighter pieces will be more than enough to keep you warm as soon as the temperatures start rising a bit.

Above you find my current favorite picks for spring and an outfit I’d wear in a heartbeat. I’ve also included in it some of spring 2019’s most timeless and wearable trends which will spare you fashion victim memories in a distant future, yet still update and prepare your wardrobe for next season..

Neon? I’ll have to pass. Cycling shorts? Thanks, but no thanks. Tie dye? When pigs fly. Cargo pants? Over my dead body. If you’re not into all the 70’s and 80’s decadence surrounding spring 2019, then scroll down to find out which are the only timeless trends for minimalists you need to know for the upcoming season.

1. 50 Shades Of Beige. We all know black, white, and grey used to be most minimalists’ go-to neutrals, but earthy tones have been the new favorite color spectrum for purists during the past seasons. Think of beige as an endless gradient offering you tons of possibilities to combine your clothes and accessories. Go for a tonal monochromatic look and add some dimension mixing different textures and tones in the same family.

2. Cardigans. This is going to be my favorite trend for spring and I predict the knitwear of choice will be cropped, buttoned, fitted at the waist, with a slightly puffy sleeve, and in fluffy yarn, mohair, or angora. I’m also forecasting the resurfacing of boleros and knitted capes, or basically any light knitted layer that sits at the waist in order to pair it with high waisted skirts, trousers, and jeans.

3. Satin Midi Skirts And Dresses. There is something so mischievous, sexy, and elegant about satin that has turned dresses, skirts, and camisoles in that fabric to become staples in any wardrobe during the last years. However, if crafted badly, it can look very cheap, so watch out for quality if you are going to invest in such a piece.

4. Croc Embossed Bags And Shoes. If there’s a trend that makes any outfit look luxurious, it is croc embossed accessories, preferably in a rich brown tone.

5. Mary Jane Pumps And Barely-There Sandals And Mules. A feminine shoe that is eventually making a huge come-back will come reinvented this season in kitten heel height a/o with architectural heels. On the other hand, sandals and mules come in asymmetric designs, PVC,  sculptural heels, toe rings, or with daintier-than-ever straps.

6. Power Suiting. Trends can come and go, but suits have proven to be a staple for contemporary, strong women. I prefer mine with sharp lines and structured fabrics.

7. Puff Sleeves. While considering this trend ‘timeless’ is a topic open for discussion, there is no doubt it has been a minimalist’s go-to trend for several seasons already. And no, we’re not talking about the 80’s redux excessive and pompous variation, we’re talking about a structured, minimal kind that is more of a futurist garment. Perhaps that changes in 10 years, but for now, puff sleeves are the future.

8. Prairie Dresses. Granted, these can come in floral prints and in maximalist styles, but they can also be sleek and minimal á la Ellery or Beaufille. Pair them with ankle boots (preferably an understated cowboy style) to balance out the overly feminine vibes.

9. Wide-legged jeans or trousers. They’re back! If you prefer your denim to be roomy rather than tight, then this trend’s for you. Honestly speaking, wide leg jeans have never been exactly out, but they will peak next season.

10.  Boiler Suits. These are pieces that have been in style since at least 2014 and they don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Worn with ease when paired with ankle boots, there is seldom a garment that can offer you the effortlessness and coolness of a jumpsuit.

Spring 2019 trends to keep in mind, since they always keep coming back:

1. Snake Print. In small doses and acting rather as accents than as main pieces, snake print can add such a cool vibe to your look with minimal effort.

2. Fringe. A fringed hem can make your look special if executed right, think old Céline dresses and skirts. I haven’t been able to take off my mind a fringed dress by Marina Moscone. Actually, I loved every piece of Marina Moscone’s Spring 2019 collection.

How about you? Which trends will you embrace come spring?

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday. x

P.S.: For more spring outfit inspiration check out this post.

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