Interior Design | 22 Dreamy Pampas Grass Decor Ideas For Sophisticated Minimal Interiors To Try Now

pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Mary Lennox


Natural textures against minimal interiors add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere to a home, pampas grass being no exception. You couldn’t have missed a bouquet of this dried grass embellishing a still life, flat lays, indoor outfits, or sideboard interior details on Instagram. However, there are tons of ways you can use it to decorate your home.

Contrary to popular belief, pampas grass decor is not exclusive to weddings or boho homes. This trend has proven to add even more sophistication to a luxe minimal interior.

Prepared to be stunned and find below the most beautiful pampas grass decor ideas for your home to try now.


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: The Design Chaser

The pampas grass decor detail in this industrial interior adds warmth to the metallic, mirror, lamp, and marble elements. The yellow accents create a recurring theme in an otherwise monochromatic space.


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: My Scandinavian Home

A transparent vase and pampas grass go hand in hand, since you can appreciate the whole bouquet from the inside.


pampas grass decor ideas homepampas grass decor ideas home

Source: Sundlingkicken, Kristofer Johnson for In My Corner

This is the perfect example, which illustrates exactly why pampas grass home decor doesn’t have to necesssarily be exclusive to boho homes, but it can actually form an integral part of a sophisticated interior.


pampas grass decor ideas home

Source: Domino Magazine


Source: Entrancemakleri


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: An Interior Affair, Residence MagazineMy Paradissi


Source: palettenoir


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Jem Juthamat


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Almost Makes Perfect


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Pinterest

Inside a rustic, traditional terracotta vase, pampas grass couldn’t be more striking. To complete the look add a bust statue or sculpture and line art and you’re good to go.


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Marlowe

The color of this brown couch seems to stick out even more with the pampas grass decor detail on the coffee table. It adds cohesiveness to the whole.


pampas grass decor ideas

My own home.


Source: Kayla Gex

Pampas grass in this interior follows the general natural texture theme with the raffia chair, baskets, and jute rug. It adds warmth in contrast to the cool-toned turquoise details and pop of color. Go for an XXL vase to make a statement.


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Little Deer


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: NR Ceramics

Together with line art, pampas grass decor is an aesthetic in its own right. They go hand in hand.


Source: The Fashion Medley

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Elif from The Fashion Medley might have been the one responsible for starting this trend. The statement sculptural glass vase wrapping around the pampas grass bouquet is a very original and sophisticated idea.


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: My Paradissi


pampas grass decor ideas

Source: Jean Palmer Home


pampas grass decorpampas grass decor ideas

Source: West Elm Blog


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