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Fashion Landscape | Grey and Camel Wearing: Céline ‘Retro’ Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses, Zara Coat (shop similar here, here, here, here, here, and here), Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers (also here), Zara Sweater (find alternatives here, here, and here), Zara Trousers (buy similar herehere, and  here), and a Proenza Schouler Bag

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Fashion Landscape | Grey and Camel Fashion Landscape | Grey and Camel



Anti-fashion, anti-conventional, anti-everything are some of the adjectives I’ve read  describing the ‘normcore’ phenomena. In reality, normcore is ultimate ‘anti-trend’ trend, something equivalent to the Dadaism of fashion, for there are no rules and even breaking them is endorsed.

Undone, carefree, careless, comfortable, and sometimes even frumpy and sloppy, there’s no denying that normcore, aka the ‘ugly shoe’  endorsing trend, might be the style of the contemporary feminist, or at least that is what it means to some. Why? Because the ‘normcore’ girl refuses to follow standards, social norms,  and conventionalities established by society and wants to redefine the traditional concept of femininity by androginy and borrowing from the boys’. It’s a liberating medium of self-expression.


Anti-Mode, anti-konventionell, anti-alles sind einige der Adjektive, die das Mode-Phänomen ‘Normcore’ beschreiben. In Wirklichkeit ist ‘Normcore’ ein ‘anti-Trend’ Trend, der das Äquivalent des Dadaismus in der Mode ist. Es gibt keine Regel und sie zu brechen ist sogar gewollt.

Nachlässig, sorglos, lässig, bequem und oft sogar schäbig und schlampig, Normcore kann als der Stil der zeitgenössischen Feministin betrachtet werden, oder zumindest  für einige. Warum? Weil Normcore die sozialen Normen ablehnt und versucht das traditionelle Konzept von Weiblichkeit neu festzustellen, indem Frauen sich androgen bekleiden und von den Jungs Klamotten aussleihen. Normcore ist deshalb eine befreiende Art, sich heutzutage auszudrücken.


 Anti moda, anti convencional, anti todo son algunos de los adjetivos que he leído describen al fenómeno ‘Normcore. En realidad, el normcore es la tendencia anti tendencia, algo equivalente al Dadaismo en el mundo de la moda, ya que no hay reglas y quebrarlas es lo deseado.

Cómoda, casual, despreocupada y a veces hasta descuidada es la apariencia de la chica normcore. No podemos negar que la tendencia que celebra ‘el zapato feo’ puede significar el estilo de la feminista contemporánea para algunos. Por qué? Por que el normcore se niega a seguir las normas preestablecidas por la sociedad y busca redefinir el concepto tradicional de la feminidad por medio de la androginia y del tomar prestado prendas de los chicos. Es una forma de expresión muy liberadora.

Fashion Landscape | Grey and Camel Fashion Landscape | Grey and Camel

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  1. Effortless dressing that still exudes style will just always be what I’m up for. Great thoughts on this whole normcore phenomena.Continually lovin’ how you’ve been wearing your greys this season. So good! Beautiful sweetheart! 🙂


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