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fashion-landscape.com | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Camel Jacket, Nude Pumps fashion-landscape.com | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Camel Jacket, Nude Pumps fashion-landscape.com | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Camel Jacket, Nude Pumps


Sorry for the silence during the past couple of weeks, but I was forced to take a little break from blogging due to personal reasons. And I stress I was ‘forced’ to do so, because over the past couple of years I never really took one (yes, even if I was quiet for a few days during this time, I was still working hard to bring you the best content I can create), not because of anything else other than me literally being a workaholic. I love art and painting, I studied architecture, but it still never happened to me before in my life that I am so, so passionate about something as I am for blogging, that I barely open my eyes in the early morning to jump out of bed every single day (including Sundays) to come and work on content for my blog. And it also never happened to me that being sleepy and tired is annoying and I refuse to go to bed because I enjoy so much what I do. Hey, I even have huge problems in shutting down/stop thinking about blogging and relax.  You get the idea: blogging is my vocation.

However, after 2 years of blogging non stop and never feeling anything else than pure excitement and motivation to do anything that involves blogging, I kinda felt a bit numb, unmotivated, and even a bit down. For a second, I even had doubts to go on blogging and felt super pessimistic about it all.  I guess it had to happen at some point and it is necessary sometimes to take a break to later come back with renewed energies and even more motivation and excitement. Like a saying goes, “there are no ups, without downs” or “no rainbows without rain”. Anyhow, I can assure you that I come back with more motivation than ever.

How about you? Have you ever had a phase like this? How do you deal with it?

Regarding the outfit today: I am wearing my absolute favorite boyfriend jeans from nine:inthe:morning, with the perfect holes which are perfectly situated. I paired them this time with a camel jacket and matching nude heels, a combo I really love.

Wishing you all a great start of the week. x


Ich entschuldige mich wegen meiner Abwesenheit während der letzten 2 Wochen, aber ich war wegen persönlichen Gründen dazu gezwungen, eine Pause zu machen. Und ich muss betonen, dass ich diese Pause machen musste, da ich niemals in den letzten 2 Jahren eine machen wollte. Auch wenn ich vorher für einige Tage abwesend gewesen bin, habe ich immer noch in der Zeit an Material für den Blog gearbeitet. Warum wollte ich niemals eine Pause machen? Weil ich tatsächlich eine Workaholic bin. Obwohl ich Architektur studiert habe und obwohl ich Kunst und Malerei liebe, habe ich mich niemals so gefühlt, wie ich mich fürs Bloggen fühle. Sobald ich meine Augen jeden Morgen aufmache, springe ich aus dem Bett, um zu arbeiten (sogar Sonntags). Es ist mir auch nie passiert, dass ich Müdigkeit hasse, weil sie mir stört um weiterzuarbeiten. Ich will nicht einmal jemals aufs Bett gehen, da mir das Bloggen so viel Spaß macht. Deshalb habe ich auch große Probleme dazu, mein Gehirn auszuschalten um mich zu erholen. Ihr versteht, was ich damit meine: Bloggen ist meine Leidenschaft und Vokation.

Jedoch musste ich nach 2 Jahren eine Pause machen, weil trotz meiner unendlichen Begeisterung und Leidenschaft fürs Bloggen, habe ich mich während dieser Zeit unmotiviert und pessimistisch gefühlt. Ich habe sogar daran gezweifelt, weiter zu bloggen. Aber ich glaube, dass ist ganz normal. Keiner kann dieselbe Begeisterung und Motivation die ganze Zeit spüren. Wie man sagt ‘Ohne Regen gibt es keinen Regenbogen’ und deshalb kann ich euch versichern, dass ich erneute Energien und viel Motivation nach dieser Pause bekommen habe.

Und ihr? Habt ihr so eine Phase jemals gehabt? Und wenn ja, was macht ihr dagegen?

Übers Outfit: Das sind meine überhaupt Lieblings-Boyfriendjeans von nine:inthe:morning, welche die perfekte Löcher haben, die in den perfekten Stellen liegen. Ich habe sie mit meinem Camel-Jacke und Nude-Pumps kombiniert und ich muss sagen, dass ich  diese Farben-Mischung liebe.

Ich wünsche Euch einen tollen Start in die neue Woche.


Disculpas por el silencio durante este último par de semanas, pero estuve forzada por razones personales a tomar una pausa. Y quiero subrayar que ‘estuve forzada’ por que durante el último par de años jamás tuve una pausa (aun cuando hubo silencio en el blog por tan sólo unos días, siempre estaba trabajando para material para el blog), ya que soy una adicta al trabajo. Pese a que estudié arquitectura y amo el arte y la pintura, jamás me había sentido en mi vida de la forma en que me siento referente a mi blog. Nunca me había sentido tan apasionada hacia algo, de tal forma que lo primero que hago en las mañanas tras abrir los ojos es saltar de la cama para trabajar. También nunca me había pasado que amo tanto lo que hago que hasta dormir y descansar me molestan, por que impiden que pueda continuar trabajando. Por ello tengo problemas en relajarme y dejar de pensar en el blog. En fin, el blog es efectivamente mi vocación.

Sin embargo, tras 2 años de trabajar en el blog sin parar y sin jamás haber dejado de sentir emoción y motivación, me sentí algo desmotivada y hasta un poco pesimista. Por un momento sentí hasta dudas acerca de seguir con el blog. Supongo que es algo normal y que nadie puede sentir motivación con la misma intensidad todo el tiempo y por ello es necesario tomar una pausa para volver con energía renovada y aún más motivación y emoción. Como un dicho dice “no hay arcoiris sin lluvia”. Os aseguro que ahora regreso con mucho más energía y motivación que nunca.

¿Y vosotras habéis experimentado fases así? ¿Qué hacéis al respecto?

El outfit de hoy consiste en mis vaqueros boyfriend favoritos de la marca Italiana nine:inthe:morning y son mis favoritos por que tienen los hoyos perfectos y localizados en los sitios perfectos. Los he combinado con mi chaqueta camel y zapatos color piel, una combinación que me encanta.

¡Os deseo un feliz inicio de semana!

fashion-landscape.com | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Camel Jacket, Nude Pumps fashion-landscape.com | Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Camel Jacket, Nude Pumps

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  1. I totally have those days too! I have only been blogging full time for a month now, and I find it scary more than anything else. Just like you, I want to be creating all the time, and I could blog every second of the day given the chance. However, the worry of making money from it, the stress of the numbers and stats sometimes makes me anxious and down on the whole thing.

    I hope I can make you feel better by saying your blog is one of my favourites. I love your outfits, and if you were to endorse something I would trust and believe what you say. I know your style so well, because you stay so true to that and I think that is the most important thing in fashion blogging.


    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Hey Lizzy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me to read this and to know that my blog is one of your favorites. It’s especially flattering, because you yourself have a great style and blog, plus, we’re shoes soul sisters haha.

      I have exactly the same worries you mention and they played a huge role in making me feel so down during this time. However, if it may also help you, as it is helping me, I spoke to my husband about it all and he told me he coincidentally recently saw a video where huge and iconic actors such as Dustin Hoffman say that the secret to their huge success was actually not caring about the success and the money, in fact, not caring about the whole deal, but have a mindset, that if you weren’t doing as well right now, you would still be happily doing what you do. Hoffman specifically said, that if he weren’t working in Hollywood and had this huge success, he’d be happily working in a local theater. So you got to let go of these thoughts of success and money and just keep doing what you do solely because you love it.

      I read some years ago in a Dalí exhibition in Berlin (unfortunately I can’t find the quote online) that he said something along the lines of ‘doing what you love, and afterwards money and success will come by themselves”. Easier said than done, of course, but I want to train myself to stop worrying about both and just focus on what I love doing.

      Anyways, thank you for all the love and all your comments and support, I always read them and they mean a lot.

      Wishing you a lovely day and hope I could also help you in some way. x

  2. wundervoller Look! Ich stecke gerade auch in dieser Phase.. bin total unmotiviert. Und leider weiss noch nicht was man dagegen machen kann(


    1. Eine kurze Pause zu machen ist hilfreich, glaub mir. Man sollte auch sich keine Sorgen übers Geld und Erfolg machen, weil, wenn man sich zu viele Gedanken darüber macht, kann man leicht unmotiviert werden. Mach einfach, was dich glücklich macht und versuche nicht an anderes zu denken. Liebe Grüße 🙂

  3. You continually work so incredibly hard, and I’m happy to hear that you took some time out for yourself babe. It’s needed and you deserve to. Like you said, we all have ups and downs but it’s awesome that your break rejuvenated you. And as you know, I’ve totally been there too. 😉

    Those jeans are such a good example of distressing done right and I’m loving the look of longer shirt lengths on you. This whole mix is just polished in a way I love my gorgeous friend. 🙂


    1. Thank you for all your support and love, my beautiful Theresa. You will never know how much you mean to me and I promise to write really soon. You should just focus on what makes you happy and do what you love, not worry about success and money, I think this is the biggest source of becoming unmotivated. Read above what I told Lizzy and you will see what I’m talking about. It’s a conclusion I’ve reached. Still wanted to tell you more about this and how to feel better about it, it’s always on my mind everyday and soon I will finally write you.

      I had to take a little break also because I had to take care of the whole Berlin Fashion Week deal, which is still giving me stress by the way.

      Happy you like my outfit and I am hoping to see a new outfit of you really soon! 🙂 x

  4. Dear Laura,

    Once I started to scroll down to complement you and this beautiful look of yours, I noticed your reply to Lizzy.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and encouraging thoughts, although they were meant for someone else I truly enjoyed reading it.

    Sara Che

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