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24. October 2013
Wearing: ASOS Cocoon Coat(in white here, and more options here, here, herehere, here, here. here and here), Zara Leather Quilted Skirt(similar here, here, here and here) and Pumps(similar here here, here, herehere, and here), Cos Turtleneck(similar here and here), Proenza Schouler Bag, and Ray-Ban Sunnies
Pretty in pink? Hell no. Believe me that I would have never believed a year ago that I would’ve bought anything pink, but this cocoon coat from ASOS was just too irresistable even for me. As many of you know, colours are not my cup of tea, let’s not even start talking about pink, which is the epitome of girly and sweet, two things that describe the opposite of my style. This shade of pink, though, feels almost like a neutral colour and if in any case it is too girly, I decided to toughen it up with an all black ensemble underneath composed of wool and leather.
I love the cut and silhouette of this coat so much, that I am even tempted to get the white version, which fits better to my monochrome style.x
Süß? Ich? Und in pink? Auf keinem Fall! Glaubt mir, dass  ich vor einem Jahr nie gedacht hätte, dass ich etwas Pinkes kaufen würde. In diesem Fall war dieser Mantel von ASOS einfach unwiderstehlich – sogar für mich. Wie viele von euch schon wissen, sind Farben nicht mein Ding, und Pink? Noch weniger. Pink bedeutet weiblich und süß und das ist das Gegenteil meines Stils. Obwohl ich finde, dass dieser Pink-Ton fast eine neutrale Farbe ist, aber falls er immer noch zu süß aussieht, habe ich den Mantel mit Schwarz und Leder kombiniert.
Ich liebe die Silhouette und den Schnitt dieses Mantels so sehr, dass ich sogar das weiße Model davon kaufen will, welches viel besser zu meinem Stil passt. 
Yo en rosa? Y demasiado femenina y dulce? Para nada! Jamás hubiese pensado un anio atrás que yo compraría algo en rosa, pero este abrigo de ASOS es demasiado irresistible aun para mí. Como muchas de vosotras sabéis, casi no me pongo prendas que no sean de colores neutrales, porque los colores vívidos no van con mi estilo, peor si hablamos del rosa que encarna lo femenino y dulce, lo contrario a lo que es mi estilo. Este tono de rosa es una excepción y pareciera más un tono neutral, pero en todo caso si se viese demasiado femenino, decidí combinarlo con negro y cuero para darle un toque rockero. 
Me encanta tanto la silhueta y corte de este abrigo, que me siento tentada a comprarlo en blanco, ya que  se adapta más a mi estilo.

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24 responses to “Outfit | Edgy in Pink”

  1. Viktoria says:

    this is simply gorgeous!!! love your style!


  2. I love the pink coat! Cute pop of color!!!


  3. Gemma Talbot says:

    Your coat is so gorgeous. I tried to order this online but it sold out. Gutted as it’s beautiful x


  4. Diana Koop says:

    Love this coat ! Great look ! Pink looks so good on you 😉

    Greets :Diana


  5. Jane says:

    Wow, this coat looks simply amazing <3

  6. Fab coat. Love how you toned it down with all black underneath
    The Marcy Stop

  7. Caroline says:

    amazing coat in pink babe !!!! great choice


  8. The Habit says:

    That shade of pink suits your tone just lovely babe! And toughening it with black makes it feel less girly for sure. Such a hip mix and of course, you pull it off with ease. Beautiful!


  9. Bouchra E says:

    Your coat is amaaaazing! Love the look!
    Check out my post!

  10. Joanne says:

    I found you on Instagram (I think we might be following each other!), but your outfits are always spot on! I don’t know why you don’t already have 494472834 followers on Instagram yet.

    Loving this pale pink coat and now you just need to get those Celine plaid shoes to complete my fall wishlist! Haha I’ll be living vicariously through you xx

    Instagram: @bamitsjoanne

  11. That coat is so cool! And it looks cozy.

    Just letting you know my blog’s layout and url changed. Previously as The Black Panther – theblaackpanther.blogspot.com – we decided to make a change and from now on is named Marie Roget – http://www.marieroget.com.

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  12. Lulu Monema says:

    Love this outfit, very nice this coat.

    Thanks for your comment.
    If you want to follow me, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog.
    Very soon.

  13. Elle says:

    Well i must say that you rocked this outfit, pink included! The edgy black outfit was softened and more interesting with the pink coat with the lovely texture. LOve the quilted skirt!
    XX, Elle

  14. I love this outfit! Beautiful pink coat

  15. Janamarie says:

    I love the skirt ! x Jana

  16. Eva says:

    Du siehst einfach toll aus! Love the coat particularly, great colour! X

  17. Judas Lee says:

    yehhh!!! I’m frenzy of this furry pastel killer!


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