Outfit | Berlin Fashion Week Day II with Shopstyle and The Styleograph


Wearing: The Reformation Lace Up Bodysuit (shop similar here and here), ASOS Skirt, Balenciaga Boots (shop similar here and here), Céline Sunglasses, and a Saint Laurent Bag

Photo Credit:  The Styleograph

Shop the Look:

During the second day of MBFWB I got to meet the Shopstyle team at the Shopstyle Sanctuary, which took place during the first 3 days of Fashion Week and had the pleasure to have a photosession with The Styleograph (for me, the best streestyle photographer).

The Shopstyle Sanctuary was a place where you could go in between the shows and rest, use their laptops in case you needed them, refresh your make-up, hairstyle, change clothes, and even have a smoothie or meal.

Got my hair done by the girls and they offered me pieces from their awesome wardrobe (all the designer bags they had were crazy cool), though at the end I decided against it for practical reasons(tough call, though). I got to meet Geri and others who introduced me to the Shopstyle affiliate program and showed me how it all works. Differently to others, Shopstyle offers one of the highest commissions per click, so if you get 10k clicks a month, that can be a whole lotta money, particularly if you have a committed readership.

After that a chauffeur service offered by the Shopstyle Sanctuary took me to the Brandenburger Tor, where most shows took place and where I had to catch my next show (which I happened to missed).

The pictures are the result of the photoshoot I had with Christian from The Styleograph and I have to say I really love them. It’s amazing how he knows exactly what to do always and where to take your picture and how. Usually, I am very tense during shooting, since I am kinda camera shy, but this didn’t feel like that at all and I was even laughing when people passed by (instead of feeling uneasy).

Hope you are all having a great day. x


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