Outfit | Nike Air Max 97 + Camel + Beige

nike air max 97 outfit

Wearing: Cos Camel Coat (old, but shop similar styles here and here), Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers (also in white and camel), Manu Atelier Pristine Bag, Banana Republic Pants, Asos Beanie (similar), Asos Turtleneck (find similar here and here), and Céline Edge Sunglasses c/o Pretavoir

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Forget Adidas and meet the ‘It’ sneakers of 2018, because nothing beats a Nike Air Max 97 outfit with that coolness factor we all love.


nike air max 97 outfit nike air max 97 outfit nike air max 97 outfit     nike air max 97 outfit

Sorry for being MIA during the past weeks, guys. I don’t think I ever went so long without blogging, but there were a few reasons why I am trying to take things slower. The main reason is of course Instagram and the unsustainable rate at which things move there, the latter being immensely time consuming considering that for some time it’s not enough to only post pictures, but one must post videos and Instagram Stories constantly if you want your posts to perform “decently”. The icing on the cake has been things getting worse and worse for everyone over there and the people reached becoming les and less, me included. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned after the extreme negative impact the Instagram algorithm has had over my account (and career in general), is that you can’t rely on any social medium or any platform whatsoever excepting your own website. That is the one thing you can completely control and this is why I’m never going to abandon my blog. Plus, I actually enjoy writing and creating posts, which is definitely not the same than to simply post a picture with a caption. It takes much more creativity and effort. So expect even more regular updates  in the upcoming days, since I have a LOT of outfits, home updates, beauty tips, and art and architecture articles to share with you guys.

Now —- to the Nike Air Max 97 outfit: If you are still wondering which are the next ‘It’ sneakers, be absolutely certain it is these ones. It’s not only because they have a ‘Dad sneaker’ vibe without going overboard with the chunkiness, but the thing I love about them the most is the super elegant, minimal, and futuristic design and details.

I’m wearing with my Nike Air Max 97 outfit my absolute favorite camel coat from Cos, which I bought years back and haven’t seen any coat come close to it (excepting this one from Weekday). Since I’ve been obsessed with earthy tones and all things camel during the past year, I’ve paired it with lighter pants in a beige/soft camel tone and a cream turtleneck to match the sneakers.

How about you? Which are your favorite sneakers at the moment?


P.S.: If you are looking for more ways to style a camel coat check out this post.

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