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Saint Laurent Lulu Bag Saint Laurent ‘Small Lulu’ Crossover Bag (buy it here)

Meet my newest investment piece, which I got as an early birthday gift from hubby. I’ve been wanting this bag for over a year now, because it goes so well with my style and I am pretty sure that it’s a timeless piece I will love as long as I live. Crossover bags are simply the best and most practical kind of bags and even though this one is pretty small, essentials such as a cardholder, phone, and keys fit in.

After wanting this bag for so long, a short while ago I considered getting the Chloé ‘Drew’ bag instead, in view  everyone is raving so much about it. But my main doubt about the Lulu was that the Chloé bag has more space inside (I also like the Lulu in small much much more than the bigger version). However, no matter how hyped or  bigger it is, I simply don’t like the Drew bag and don’t understand what the hype is all about. Besides disliking the chain details and the bag as a whole, I think it is one of those bags which will age badly.

I couldn’t possibly be happier with my purchase, besides the fact that my PS11 needs a rest as I wear it for everything. What about you? What is your dream bag?

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  1. Perfect early birthday gift and I’m so happy that you finally got it. You are definitely going to be enjoying it for years to come for sure. Can’t wait to see pics of you wearing it! The Lulu is also on my bag wish list. 😉


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