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Say ‘hello’ to my new obsession and one of the newest and most beautiful Chloé bag models: the Chloé Georgia bag, which I got thanks to Monnier Fréres. You got to admit Chloé has been killing it during the past year with a lot of really beautiful bag styles and designs . From the fashion pack to style icons and Fashion Week streestyle, it’s not hard to spot a Faye or the infamous Drew Bag anywhere you go. However, the Chloé Georgia bag was the one that stole my heart due to its structured body, sleek and minimalistic design, and unique shape.

Admittedly, the Givenchy ‘Antigona’ bag and the Céline ‘Box’ Bag were my dream bags for the longest time. While the Givenchy still is and I still dream of owning it someday, the Chloé Georgia bag has completely replaced my ‘Box’ bag craving, since it does not only have a similar vibe and structure, but it’s less simple and has a really unique twist to it, which is why I like it more and I am happy as a little girl who just opened her dream Christmas gift.

Check out more of the newest Chloé bag styles all available at Monnier Fréres, aka bag heaven.

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