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Fashion Landscape | Minimal Outfit Ideas    Fashion Landscape | Minimal Outfit Ideas Fashion Landscape | Minimal Outfit Ideas

Ahh minimalism, probably one of the most overused and misused terms in fashion. While some may argue that minimalism can’t be separated from its philosophy/lifestyle, I do think it is an aesthetic in its own right when it comes to fashion and outfits. Minimalism is fundamentally all about paring down something to its bare essentials when assembling an outfit, but it also is  in terms of wardrobe if you stick to the philosophy. This is why I don’t consider myself a minimalist, since as a fashion blogger, I constantly update my wardrobe and receive products from brands. While my style is for most of the part influenced by the aesthetics, it is not limited to it, since this would mean that I would have to stop wearing what I feel like and stick to a set of characteristics. For me, this would mean to miss out the fun in a lot of things that fashion offers as a medium of self expression.Enough of that, since I will go a bit deeper into this topic in another post.

If you’re looking for casual minimal outfit ideas to wear this fall that are anything but boring and that consist of stuff you might already have in your wardrobe which you can mix and match to create different casual and effortless looks, read ahead for outfits that will look visually interesting and feel comfy at the same time.

The basics:

  1. Outerwear: A camel coat or trench, a black coat, a grey coat,  a white coat, a black leather jacket, and a black waistcoat
  2. Shoes: White sneakers, black sneakers, black slip ons, grey slip ons, black loafers, and ankle boots.
  3. Tops: A black cashmere sweater, a white turtleneck, a black turtleneck, a grey turtleneck, a white cami, a white t-shirt, a black cami, a crisp white button-down shirt
  4. Bottoms: black jeans, white jeans, grey trousers, black trousers, black culottes, white culottes
  5. Accessories: A minimalistic watch, a structured black leather bag, sleek sunglasses,  and a couple of dainty minimalistic jewelry pieces as a ring and bracelet.

The endless outfit combinations:

  1. White Coat + black skinny jeans + black turtleneck + black sneakers /black ankle boots/ black loafers
  2. Black coat + white skinny jeans + white turtleneck + white sneakers/black slip ons/black loafers/black ankle boots
  3. Camel coat + grey trousers + grey turtleneck + white sneakers
  4. Grey coat + black sneakers + black cashmere sweater/black turtleneck + grey slip ons/white sneakers
  5. White coat + grey turtleneck + grey trousers + grey slip ons/white sneakers
  6. Black coat + black skinny jeans/trousers + white button down + white sneakers/black slip ons
  7. Camel coat + black skinny jeans + black turtleneck/black cami + black loafers/black slip ons/black ankle boots
  8. Grey coat + white skinny jeans + white cami + white sneakers/grey slip ons
  9. Leather jacket + white t-shirt/white cami + black culottes + white sneakers
  10. Leather jacket + grey trousers +white t-shirt + white sneakers/grey slip ons
  11. Black waistcoat + white turtleneck + black trousers + black slip ons
  12. Black waistcoat + white cami + white culottes + white sneakers

And the list could go on forever… That is the great thing about minimalism: It makes you think of endless outfit combinations with what you already own, so focusing on high-quality and clean basics free of prints or of decorated fabrics is a must.

Do you have any favorites from the minimal outfit ideas I listed or any of your own? Let me know in the comments below. x

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