Merry Christmas | My Minimal Christmas Tree

Fashion Landscape | Minimal Christmas Tree

Featured: Minimal Christmas Tree, String Lights, and Star Ornaments, By Lassen Kubus Bowl c/o Connox, One Must Dash Posters c/o One Must Dash, DIY Origami Trees, and a Cos x Hay Cement Pot


Fashion Landscape | Minimal Christmas Tree


If you are not into traditional Christmas decoration, opting for a minimal Christmas tree is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also saves lots of space. Found this ladder Christmas tree beauty on Amazon, whilst looking for Christmas wrapping supplies and I just had to click it away home. I stuck with simple star string lights and ornaments, although I wanted to add minimal abstract trees. However, less is more, so I left it at the end like this.

Do you also love alternative / minimal Christmas trees or do you prefer the traditional ones?

My best wishes to all of you lovely readers and thank you for your support during the years. Wishing you all a wonderful time with your loved ones and may the desires of your heart come true (besides getting all the shoes stuff you wanted).

Merry, Merry Christmas! x

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