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Are you looking for incredibly clever, thoughtful, and practical yet pretty minimal christmas gifts everyone will love? Below you find a carefully curated selection of items I found througout the course of time and which caught my attention every time. From your grandma to your BFF, from your significant other to your little nephew, I covered just about everyone and give you tips on how to carefully choose great gifts for everyone below in this post. Find  and shop mostly under  €100 amazing minimal gifts for every guy, gal, kid, and family member in your life.

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The key to find Christmas gifts everyone will love is to put yourself in their shoes and really think about what they’d absolutely love, but at the same time considering what you find best and would choose. Think about their tastes, preferences, style, and needs, but at the same time, ask yourself, what would I choose if I were him/her? Everyone wants just the best for themselves, right? Shop my selection below.

  • For your Mom/Grandma/Aunt. Wisdom and practicality go hand in hand. Therefore, go for interior and decor accessories. This By Lassen Kubus Bowl is a gift they’ll all love.

  • For your Dad/Brother/Significant Other/Any Dude. I don’t know about you guys, but I know most men are tech freaks, so going for tech accessories is always a great idea. Avoid being overcomplicated, as guys go for straightforwardness and functionality.  A great pair of leather gloves or sneakers for a guy is also a safe bet.

  • For the Kids. Listen to me: Do not, by any means, choose strictly practical and functional gifts for kids. Kids are all about fun and quirkyness, so choosing whimsical stuff they can also use for a longer period of time is the way to go. A pair of cat ear headphones or a cute mermaid tail knitted throw (how genius is that, huh? And under €35!), will be something they can actually use and at the same time have fun with.

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  • For your Girlfriends/Sisters/Cousins. We all know normcore and cozy chic is still going strong, so if your sisters or friends are like mine, they’ll appreciate a cozy mohair knit, a pair of Adidas/Nike/Converse sneakers, or scented candles.

  • For your Blogger BFFs. We all know bloggers are obsessed with all-marble-errrthang and stuff they can actually use for flatlays, decor, or beauty tutorials. Get her a marble Iphone case Macbook cover, a coffee table book, a pretty lace bra, or better yet: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Countour Palette or Brow Kit (both below €65).

Minimal Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

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