Interior Design | Think Pink: 60+ Elegant Millenial Pink Interior Ideas That Will Have You Whipping Out Your Paint Roller In No Time

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Granted, pink has a bad rap for looking childlike, tacky, kitschy, overly feminine, or even for reminding you of antacid medications (looking at you Pepto-Bismol), but in moderation and with a few styling tricks, a pink interior can go from bleak to chic.

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Pink has been something equivalent to the persona non grata in the design world for decades. Blame it on it being associated with all things overly girly, kitschy, and frivolous. However, with the rise of gender fluidity, feminism, and androgyny, this is becoming a thing of the past.

As a tricky color and in excess, a pink interior can run the risk of looking like if a 5-year old hijacked it and had a Barbie party all over it. However, here are some tips and tricks to pull of the color properly like a grown ass person and give it a little direction and elegance:

1. Pink As An Accent Color. A touch of pink in a minimalist interior can add interest to it and make it visually pleasing. Think matching cushions with rose gold accessories. Aren’t ready for a complete pink overhaul? Pink throw pillows offer just the right amount of color on a living room couch.

2. Pink as a neutral: Opt for a muted version or dusty pink that will blend in any interior and act as a neutral shade.

3. Break It Out. Avoid too much pink by adding/alternating it with a different color, preferrably a cool tone. For instance, if you would like a pink wall, but are wary of it looking excessive or kitschy, simply paint the other walls in a contrasting neutral, cooler shade like grey.

4. Combine it with neutrals for balance. Like in the previous tip, you can balance out pink by combining it black, white, or grey elements. In this way, pink acts like a pop of color.

5. Pair it with graphic prints or puristic elements. For a minimalist effect, add graphic posters or geometric elements to bring sobriety to a pink interior.

6. Try Statement Furniture: Try one single piece of pink furniture if you are unsure to commit to an entire room.

7. Add Greenery. A cactus or plant can make a whole world of difference in a pink room.

Below you find a huge selection of the most beautiful, elegant, and balanced pink interior ideas for adults, that will make you want to get something pink for your home ASAP:


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millenial pink interior ideas millenial pink interior ideas



millenial pink interior ideas


millenial pink interior ideas


millenial pink interior ideas

millenial pink interior ideas

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millenial pink interior ideas

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millenial pink interior ideas

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