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Loxley England Mini Gloucester Rucksack c/o Loxley England

I’d been looking for the longest time for a no-fuss, multifunctional and practical carryall where everything I need fits. This Loxley backpack solved my problems and  satisfies all my needs.  Finding something I can use as a travel bag for short trips, as a shopping bag when I go to the supermarket for groceries, and as a work bag where I can fit in my books and notebooks is no easy task.

So when Loxley England contacted me a short while ago and offered me one of their minimalistic and functional bags with clean lines I didn’t think it twice and clicked this gorgeous model home. You can carry it both as a backpack or with the handle, so you can wear it with different kind of outfits.

The glossy leather and structured silhouette makes it an elegant kind of bag, which you could even wear to semiformal events. Therefore, it’s not your standard rucksack and perfect for work.

Also, don’t be fooled by the name, because while it might not be gigantic, trust me, it has the perfect size for tons to fit inside mostly due to the form.

See below more pictures of this amazing Loxley backpack I will wear all summer long and check out more of Loxley’s beautiful bags here.

fashion-landscape.com | Loxley Backpack fashion-landscape.com | Loxley Backpack fashion-landscape.com | Loxley Backpack fashion-landscape.com | Loxley Backpack

In collaboration with Loxley England

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  1. Love this, it’s so cute and I bet despite its size you can still fit a lot in x

    Millie x

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