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Even though nowadays everyone seems obsessed with Simon’s creations, my avid Jacquemus fandom began since 2014, when I first bought and wore my very first piece from the label (an asymmetric skirt scored for €120 at Lagarconne), which was back then an underground, under-the-radar designer brand. As a proud owner of 10 pieces by Jacquemus (admittedly most bought on sale), my collection won’t stop growing. And to me, it has never been about the hype or about buying pieces from a designer label just because it’s trendy or  makes you look cool. My unconditional love for Jacquemus began and continues simply because Simon’s playful architectural designs, which combine avant-garde with wearability and understated sexy resonated with my style and taste since day 1. I never adapted my taste and aesthetic to it, it actually represented my taste and aesthetic and still does. Like I’ve mentioned countless times before on the blog, to me  it feels as if Picasso had designed clothing, Jacquemus creations would have been it. And that’s saying something, because Picasso has been a lifetime obsession to me.

While I love both the Spring Summer 2018 and Fall Winter 2018 collections, both of his 2017 collections still remain my favorites. However, I am really digging his shift from blue-ish (his favorite color) and black-and-white tones to warmer and earthy tones in his past two collections.

The pieces above are high on my Jacquemus wishlist, particularly those asymmetric earrings and Le Sac Chiquito (love at first sight!).

How about you? Are you also a Jacquemus fan? What is on your wishlist at the moment?

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