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If there’s something you should know about me is that I definitely don’t buy/wear/do things just because others do. I also don’t stop wearing things just because everyone else does. I confess that even as a teenager I never understood this mindset. If I buy or wear something it is because I genuinely love it and it adheres authentically to my style and aesthetic. It doesn’t matter to me whether anyone or everyone wears it. So is the case of this J.W. Anderson Pierce bag, which was love at first sight on Farfetch as I was looking for the infamous ruffled boots, even before anyone started wearing it. However, it’s not as if everyone is wearing it (yet), but trust me, if there is an ‘It’ bag in the making for the upcoming season, it is this one.

I’ve been an avid fan of fashion’s wunderkind J.W. Anderson  since I was first introduced to his minimalistic, yet playful designs around 3 years ago. To my surprise, his eponymous label started introducing shoes and a handbag last season and both were covet worthy and instant wishlist candidates.

The sleek and minimal shape, clear lines, and distinctive and edgy hardware of this J.W. Anderson bag gives it potential to be the bag of 2016. I am pretty sure we’ll be seeing it during Fashion Week. However, if I could name one detail about it that I love the most is that you can carry it in different ways: as an elegant handbag, as a practical shoulder bag leaving your hands free, and last, but not least, as a clutch.

Are you coveting any bags at the moment? Let me know which on the comments below. x

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