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I used: Urban Outfitters Iron Mesh Grid (a bigger version of it here) , Amazon Printed Clips (find similar here and in metal here), Amazon String Lights (these ones are great too), One Must Dash Prints (here, here, and here), Vee Speers Photography Prints (available at Vissevasse), and editorial photos printed on paper found on my own Pinterest Fashion Editorial Board (find awesome ones as well here and here)

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An iron mesh moodboard DIY project has been in my to-do list for years and I finally got around to do it this week! It literally took minutes in the making, although admittedly, gathering the inspiration took quite a while.

Years of endless  pinning on Pinterest and Tumblr and the constant search of beautiful fashion editorials finally paid off and were not in vain. Now I found a great use for them with this iron mesh moodboard DIY, which is super easy:

1. Choose your theme and stick to a color scheme. Choosing a topic and a  maximum of three colors, similar tones, or different colors within the same family will help your design look as a cohesive whole. Remember you  don’t want your meshboard to look like a rainbow, so sticking to a theme and color scheme will aid in creating your own design aesthetic. You can choose, for instance, fashion or interior design as a topic and mix in typography or art in the same aesthetic and colors.

2.  Gather your materials. You will need:

  • An Iron Meshboard. You can find them super cheap in your local hardware store. However, I wanted the meshboard to be a bit fancier, so I ordered this one.
  • Clips, pegs, or wire hangers. An office supply store or hardware store should have these, but if you want prettier printed ones you can also purchase these. Wooden pegs would also do. In fact they would give it a vintage look.
  • Motifs such as Typography, Art, and Fashion Prints, Calendars, Posters, Cards, Postcards, or even High End Designer Logo Tags (I used this Acne Studios one). You can virtually use anything as long as it sticks to your thematic, so you can achieve the look you aim for.
  • String Lights (Optional). These should come preferably with a white cord and plug or battery case in case your walls are white, so that the wire is less visible.

3. Position the mesh panel in your desired position and then attach to the wall with screws(optional). In my case, I didn’t want to drill holes in my wall, so I opted for simply placing it on top of the table. However, if you wish to attach it to the wall, here’s a great tutorial on how to do it step-by-step.

4. Hang your inspiration and fasten it with the clips a/o pegs. If you do opt for simply placing the moodboard on top of your desk instead of screwing it to the wall, I recommend to first place the meshboard on the floor and once there, fasten the prints there so you can decide their positioning better and fasten it in a better way. There’s no science to the positioning of the motifs, but I think that they should be placed more randomly rather than following the grid lines and looking too ordered or structured. If you print the motifs, it’s best to stick them individually to pieces of relatively stable cardboard in their same size to add support and for them to avoid getting bent, wrinkled, or simply flown away.

5. Hang your String Lights. Just be careful not to hang them near the carton or paper as you want to avoid a fire. I guess it’s best to leave one of the sides of the mesh free for the string lights to have breathing space. Better yet, you can position the string lights before adding the printed motifs and then place the latter away from the string lights.

So, that’s about it. If you do place the moodboard on your desk you can add succulents, cacti, or monstera leaves in a vase, candles, or notebooks within the same color family.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have other suggestions on the comment section below. x



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