Interior Design | Trending: Ladders as Storage and Decorative Elements


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If you want to expand your storage options and would like an original element to decorate your home, then ladders are the best space saving solution. A trend spotted in many Scandinavian interiors couldn’t possibly be more practical and look more chic. They come in different styles, materials and textures such as metal, vintage, wooden and they can serve for a vast variety of purposes. Among them:

1. Bedroom.

As a rack. You can use a ladder to hang those clothes you just wore before going to bed, or the clothes you plan to wear the next day.

As a night table. Add small shelves to the rungs and you got space for books, an alarm clock, or whatever you need beside your bed.

To store accessories. Sunglasses, jewelry, bags, hats, you name it, it can all be cleverly stored in a ladder by simply adding hooks to hang them or to hang boxes to place it all inside.

As shoe storage. Like in the night table, you can  nail shelves on top of  the ladder’s rungs to stand your shoes, or simply hang your shoes through their heels on them.

To reach items in your closet. Ladders come in handy to  use them as what they are actually made for: reaching high places, so it’s a terrific accessory for your closet.

2. Bathroom.

To hang or roll towels. Hang all your towels or simply add baskets to the ladder to store stuff that you need in your bathroom or place your rolled towels.


To hang kitchenware. Don’t have enough space to store all your pots, pans, and utensils? No problem, simply add hooks or nails to hang your kitchenware through strings and voilá.

4. Living Room

As decoration. To add an extra oomph or touch of personality to your living room, you can strategically place a ladder and integrate it as part of the decoration. Hanging string lights to it can also ve a very original and eyecatching element.

As a book shelf. With the same process of adding small shelves to the rungs, you can place your books and different kinds of ornaments or even boxes on top.

To hang plants. Nothing looks more chic than hanging plants here and there in a living room and a ladder can be the most handy to serve this purpose.

To hang magazines. Magazine stands can often take a lot of space, while a ladder doesn’t. Hang your magazines by simply opening them and placing their cover on the front part.



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