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If you want a unique piece of furniture, which no one else has and which you can easily DIY, look no further than using an old, used palette. You ask for them, for instance, in supermarkets or buy them at Amazon (they are not expensive) and build with them plenty of unique furniture pieces ranging from beds, coffee tables by adding industrial wheels, to garden furniture and to provide a surface to place all your plants.

Scroll down to see stunning interiors which will surely inspire you to build something unique for your home.

furniture_on_palettes_0 furniture_on_palettes_00    furniture_on_palettes_01    furniture_on_palettes_02 furniture_on_palettes_2 furniture_on_palettes_3 on_palettes On_palettes1 on_palettes2 furniture_on_palettes_04 furniture_on_palettes_4 furniture_on_palettes_05 furniture_on_palettes_06 furniture_on_palettes_6 furniture_on_palettes_07 furniture_on_palettes_7 furniture_on_palettes_08 furniture_on_palettes_8 furniture_on_palettes_09 furniture_on_palettes_9 furniture_on_palettes_010 furniture_on_palettes_10 furniture_on_palettes_11 furniture_on_palettes_12 furniture_on_palettes_13 furniture_on_palettes_14 furniture_on_palettes_17 furniture_on_palettes1 furniture_on_palettes3 furniture_on_palettes4 furniture_on_palettes5

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