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21. December 2014


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Not a fan of conventional Christmas trees and decoration? We are on the same boat, because what is cooler than alternative Christmas trees? I prefer my decor minimal, uncomplicated, and arousing the imagination and creativity. And who says minimal decor has to be sterile and cold?

Here some ideas for the Scandi decor die-hard fans, amongst them:

Minimal DIY Christmas trees ideas. From washi tape to sticking polaroids and Christmas tree decorations on walls, ladders, and using wood rests or wooden sticks, or tree branches as a tree skeleton, you can use just about anything to create an alternative, you can even make a tree out of paper.

Gift wraps. Use brown or white packing paper and raffia or other textured wrapping strings. To make it fun and interesting, you can print your own customized gift tags with quirky black-and-white graphics, fonts and quotes (a lovely free option is downloadable here).  You can also use leaves and pine nuts to decorate your gifts.

Advent calendars. Although it's a bit too late for this one, there are infinite ideas out there to create your own advent calendar. You can use from brown paper bags to cardboard boxes. Simply print the numbers on them or separately. Or how about simply using a ladder as an advent calendar tree?

Lights. This is the one element that will make your Christmas decor warm. You can hang  string lights on your Christmas tree, on your window as a light curtain, or use lanterns to decorate your coffee table. And candles. Never enough candles.

However, my favorite idea is to use marquee letter lights to decorate shelves and I've been working on a DIY project for this one to post on the blog for a while now, so watch this space.

Decorative Objects. Easily the most diverse Christmas DIY project, since there are literally millions of ideas for it. Create your own ombré Christmas tree ornaments, use carton to create Christmas themed standing ornaments to place on your coffee table, hang on your tree, and don't forget candle holders for your candles.

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  1. I love white interiors with wood accents and a little bit of industrial feel to it. cozy. xxx

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