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Who doesn’t love a relaxing, hot bath on Sunday? I’d have one with candles, salts, bubbles, and aromas, please. That’s why Sunday equals to bathtub inspiration, i.e. a match made in heaven.

Some styling ideas are below and amongst them are: Stools, frames, posters, oil lamps, ladders, plants, vases, shelves, baskets, fruit bowls, and mirrors. There’s a whole world of stuff you can use to embellish your bathtub area.

Even though a lot of people work even on a weekends (myself included), I hope you all enjoy it! Scroll down to get some bathtub eye candy. x

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Dreamy_Bathtubs Bathtub_dream1 Dreamy_Bathtubs0.0 Bathtub_dream4 Bathtub_dream5 Dreamy_Bathtubs0.1 Dreamy_Bathtubs1 Bathtub_dream6 Bathtub_dream7 Bathtub_dream9     Dreamy_Bathtubs0.3 Dreamy_Bathtubs0.2    Dreamy_Bathtubs0.4    Dreamy_Bathtubs2 Dreamy_Bathtubs3 Dreamy_Bathtubs4 Dreamy_Bathtubs5 Dreamy_Bathtubs7 Dreamy_Bathtubs8 Dreamy_Bathtubs11

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