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Dining_Area3 Dining_Area00 - Kopie Dining_Area26 Dining_Area07 Dining_Area21 Dining_Area25 Dining_Area20 Dining_Area19 Dining_Area11 Dining_Area05 - Kopie Dining_Area5 - Kopie  Photo Credit:  Forever LoveHem Design, Weekday Carnival, Trendenser,, Minimum, Cocolapinedesign,  Olsson & Jensen, Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Joanna Laajisto

Ellmania,, Werana’s, Jenny Hjalmarson BoldsenByZille, Roof Karma Emma Melin, Baraga, Decor 8Desire to Inspire, Armadillo, House of Philia, and Pinterest


Today’s interior post is all about dining area inspiration and these are some of my favorites found on Pinterest. Wish I could afford to buy a bunch of Eames, Diamond, and Panton chairs, but a girl can dream. However, I did buy a very cool and cheaper  alternative (they are Panton inspired, but not really very similar) and will soon make a post showing you my dining room. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. x


Dining_Area1.6 - Kopie Dining_Area06 - Kopie Dining_Area7 Dining_Area10 Dining_Area4 - Kopie Dining_Area04 - Kopie Dining_Area1.10 - Kopie Dining_Area1.8 - Kopie Dining_Area1.7   Dining_Area1.1 - Kopie Dining_Area1.3 - Kopie Dining_Area1.4 - Kopie Dining_Area1.5 - Kopie

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  1. You always share some of the best inspiration and this post is no exception. Such slick dining areas!

    Congratulations on the new site babe! I absolutely love it and it suits you to a t! It’s so fresh and clean and just lovely! And another congrats for going back solo. Looking forward to what’s to come for you my friend!


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