Video | This Year’s Halloween Costume: Amélie Poulain

Halloween Costume

Last year I channelled my inner Holly Golightly on Halloween,  but this year I went for something a little bit different.


Ahh Amélie. Have been obsessed with this film ever since I saw it a decade and a half back. The reason is probably because I feel related to the character. I also couldn’t possibly tell you how many countless times I listened to Yann Tiersen’s majestic soundtrack and well, consequently to anything he’s ever done.

While I could never compare myself to Audrey Tautou (most beautiful woman ever besides Brooke Shields), to dress up like her for Halloween is something I always wanted to do. I tried my best to impersonate the character, though we literally had the minutes counted to shoot (because of the time change), so we couldn’t do much. Otherwise I could have done a bit more.

The Halloween costume? Quite simple:


Halloween, baby

What you’ll need:

  1. Red Cardigan.
  2. Navy Blue Midi Skirt or Dress (preferrably dotted).
  3. Brogues or Combat Boots.
  4. Bob wig (naturally).
  5. A spoon.
  6. An umbrella (preferrably in red or blue with dots).
  7. Strawberries.
  8. A whimsical, yet naive attitude.

That’s about it. Yes, that’s the beauty of Halloween: you can become your favorite characters and recreate characters with stuff you already own.



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