Fashion | Top 10 Pre-Fall 2015 Favorites Countdown

17. January 2015

 Call me crazy if you will, but I always look forward to the in-between-seasons collections and they tend to be my absolute favorites during the year, because I think designers put much more thought, creativity, and freshness into them than into the main collections. I get the impression that this is due to the fact that designers are not under so much pressure as during the main season and therefore have more freedom, hence they experiment a bit more and as a result, a lot of interesting material is produced.

Although, I am still looking forward to what Céline, Balmain and Balenciaga will come up with this season, in the meantime, scroll down to see my #1  favorite collection thus far(you will never guess!):

Antonio_Berardi_Prefall2015   10. Antonio Berardi. With lots of tailoring and movement, this collection is anything, but conventional and boring. Did I mention how much I am swooning over those booties? #shoegasm.

ChristopherKane 9. Christopher Kane. This collection is all about the minimal, clear lines and clean cuts, yet there is still a slight touch of elegance mixed with playfulness in every garment, which makes it wearable and eye-catching.


JasonWu 8. Jason Wu. I’ve always described Jason Wu’s designs as ‘serious fashion’. Despite the luxurious feel to this collection(like most of the label’s collections), simplicity prevails. It is one of the fashion house’s most minimalistic collections up to this day. As I am not a fan of sumptuousity, lavishness, and over-the-top luxury, I feel this is the kind of subtle glamour and elegance most women can wear to look sophisticated.


Edun 7.Edun. The graphic look of the clothes and the black-and-white contrast already makes it a top collection in my book. Layering and dressing down luxurious fabrics and textures in pant and waistcoats with slides is a form of casual minimalistic glamour I just can’t have enough of.



JW_Anderson_Prefall2015 6. J.W. Anderson. Not one of his strongest collections, in my honest opinion. Still a very solid set of 70s inspired looks with a classic and timeless vibe to them. Personally, I prefer when he gets a little bit crazy and groundbreaking in his designs.


Acne_Studios_Prefall2015  5. Acne Studios. Acne is the epitome of wearable avant-garde fashion. Gigantic knits, sports luxe aesthetics, and roomy coats define a line that seeks for the modern as well as for comfort.


TheRowPrefall2015 4. The Row. The hype is real and it is well justified as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deliver season after season what I like to call ‘the fashion of the future’. Loose silhouettes, layering and clean lines are characteristics of trademark style made for a woman who loves a mixture of luxury, effortlessness, and comfort. Similarly to Céline, wearing slides with long, light, slick coats is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is for a woman who is empowered and does not need to show off skin to feel and look sexy.



TibiPrefall2015 3. Tibi. This might be one of my favorite Tibi collections ever. There is always something so sublime and subtly elegant and sexy about Amy Smilovic’s designs that I feel personally related to style-wise. This collection is the perfect balance between minimalism, effortlessness,  and casual elegance. Also, how awesome is it that blanket coats will go on accompanying us next fall?


StellaMcCartneyPrefall2015 2. Stella McCartney. Grey and camel, black-and-white, repeat. Need I say more? Stella McCartney does not only know how to play with a neutral palette, but also  with proportions and silhouettes in a humorous and playful way.


Sally_LaPointe_PreFall2015  1. Sally LaPointe. There are very few collections, where I can honestly say I could wear every single look and garment on them. Sally LaPointe’s Pre-Fall 2015 minimalistic and sophisticated collection is definitely one of them and I would go as far as to say that if I could replace my wardrobe with all the looks from this collection, I totally would. Despite being in a neutral trichromatic palette in its entirety, it is mostly the combination of different textures, silhouettes, and contrasts what makes it so charming and versatile. The best thing about it? I think every single piece can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down. It simply cannot get better than this.

Spotted trends: Waist belts, fitted long coats, culottes, waistcoats, slides, dresses or skirts over pants.

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6 responses to “Fashion | Top 10 Pre-Fall 2015 Favorites Countdown”

  1. What a stunning collection! These clothes look so chic!
    Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Naznin says:

    Loved the greys and blacks! Great post!


  3. Bodil Loïs says:

    Big fan of the Stella McCartney Coats <3

  4. Lizzy says:

    Love this selection! my fave is DEFFO The Row, and I completely agree about the Antonio Berardi heels! Dreamy!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  5. Theresa says:

    I totally love your insight on each and every one of these collections. And I also really like seeing what designers come up with for their pre-collections. I couldn’t agree with you more on this top 10 list – these were easily some of my faves too. Sally’s collection suits you to a t and I can understand why you fell so hard for it. Awesome post babe!


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