Editorial | The Foundations Of New Balenciaga

katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-1 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-4 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-3 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-2 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-5 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-7 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-6 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-8 katlin-aas-by-thomas-lohr-for-pop-magazine-fall-winter-2014-9 Source: We Are So Droee

Publication: Pop Magazine Fall/Winter 2014
Model: Katlin Aas
Photographer: Thomas Lohr
Fashion Editor: Vanessa Traina
Hair: Tamara Mcnaughton
Make-up: Benjamin Puckey

I have to say it, but I confess that I am a much bigger fan of Alexander Wang’s work at Balenciaga than at his own label. The main reason for it is that he seems to invest  his whole expertise on craftsmanshift, his finest work, attention to details, and the most futuristic clear-lined designs at the fashion house, whereas he seems to put less thought and effort at his eponymous label, because –let’s face it— sweatshirts with a ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ print on them are hardly ‘groundbreaking’.

The more time passes by, the more his collections grow on me and the more I conceive how amazing all his designs are. What I love the most is that, although still luxurious and very Balenciaga, his designs are still representative of his trademark style, while at the same time being fashion forward and avant-garde.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday. x

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  1. This is a really stunning editorial and that first ensemble is probably my favorite. I completely agree with your thoughts on his work for Balenciaga. I’ve been gravitating to those collections more so than the ones under his own label. Interesting to see how he will evolve. 🙂


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