Editorial | “Gravity”, Vogue Germany April 2018

Source: Vogue.de

Photographer: Emma Summerton
Hair Stylist: Braydon Nelson
Makeup Artist: Ralph Siciliano
Set Designer: Viki Rutsch
Casting Director: Shawn Dezan
Manicurist: Yuko Tsuchihashi
Model: Charlee Fraser

A little Sunday dose of inspiration for those already craving for spring and courtesy of Vogue Germany, who by the way have been killing it during the past couple of years with their editorials.

If like me, you are not into the pastel/lilac/vivid color and print clashing trends for the upcoming season, this editorial showcases that for the rest of us spring will be all about different beige tones worn together, terracota/salmon/peach, trench coats, unexpected layering, slouchy boots worn under skirts, dresses or belted coats, wide leg pants, and last, but not least, power suits preferrably in beige and linen and cotton fabrics. Earthy shades are still going strong and that has me already excited.



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