Cinematorial | Merry Christmas And A Few Thoughts On This Day

We often  forget that love and understanding is a far bigger present than any material gift. We often forget the real point about Christmas and get carried away with all the expectations, stress, and (incredible) pressure we are faced with during this time of the year, which is actually sad, because the real important thing gets lost. At the end, what really matters becomes overshadowed by materialism the one day of the year, which could be a new opportunity to reconcile with other human beings close to us (even though I believe it could also be done any other day, but Christmas is supposed to represent this opportunity if no one dares to do it some other time).

If we didn’t or couldn’t for some reason get a gift for someone else, we would rather think to ourselves, ‘How awful!’ instead of actually burying the hatchet, instead of building bridges, instead of giving the gift of empathy or listening, which is more valuable than any other. It sounds like in a bad movie, right? But that’s how we often act. Why are we always so blind? Why is it hard for us to see ourselves? We believe in giving others constructive criticism, but why don’t we apply it to ourselves? That is an enigma to me.

I see  babies who can barely walk or talk for that matter being overwhelmed with a mountain of material gifts they can barely understand, we are basically raised to see richness in gifts as richness in Christmas. It is an integral part of our culture. But it shouldn’t be. Neither do I  intend to be judgemental nor am I saying that material gifts are bad per se, I am just questioning the extreme we take this to often.

In conclusion, I was just thinking all these things to myself yesterday and today and hope we human beings are able to see past the superficial things and see into the things that really matter: Your family, your friends, and the gifts that matter the most.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I sincerely hope you are all spending a lovely time with your loved ones. x



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