Fashion | The Minimalist Spring 2021 Trend Guide

Spring/ Summer 2021 is without a doubt the hottest season in trends the fashion world has ever seen. From midriff-baring to unexpected peekaboos, this summer is all about the elegant reveal or if you will "naked" trends.Ever since the lockdown started, there has been an

Outfit | Spring White

ENOne day wearing full prints and the next wearing total white. I am a bit of a maniac when it comes to dressing, right? hahaBut to tell you the truth I am a big fan of total white looks and have been waiting for the

Outfit | Contrast

ENYes, it's not your screen! You are seeing right, I am bare-legged, since the weather allowed it a couple of days ago (now not so much). And due to the bad weather and the longest winter Europe ever saw, I have been postponing an outfit to