Art By Me | “After The Gala”, 2018. Mixed Media.

  I thought maybe some of you might want to see my own work. Even though, admittedly I haven't really sketched for a while, I've been getting into it again. Since the weather lately has made it very hard to shoot pictures even inside due to

Art & Architecture | The Passion Of Marlene Dumas

All images via Pinterest I am a firm  believer that the greatest talents and the most passionate artists have had the greatest characters. Their sensibility is a testament of their inner beauty. Besides, it takes infinite courage to put your soul into your work and show

Francis Bacon

Art & Architecture | Francis Bacon

All images via Pinterest Today I am focusing on an artist whose work is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Intense? Yes. Morbid? Perhaps. A genius? Without the slightest doubt. Irish painter Francis Bacon's (1909 – 1992) legacy consisting of defigurated and abstracted portraits, nudes, nightmarish scenes,