Interior Design | Why TV-Time Means Pure Hygge And Relaxation To Me

tv-time for family

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cozier nor more relaxing than TV-time whilst sitting on a couch being comfy with your cushions and throw and watching something together with your loved ones cuddling in front of a big screen. TV-time for family still matters.


Nowadays everyone’s got their smartphones glued to their hand and you are distracted all the time with social media, Instant Messages, and such. However, being in front of a humongous TV screen to immerse yourself into a great film or your favorite TV series makes the experience so much more real and enjoyable. It really transports you and makes you be a part of its world. I honestly don’t believe that the TV-time experience (add surround sound to that) can or could ever be replaced. And I’m surely not the only one who feels that way regarding TV being timeless.

tv-time for family

TV-Time Means Family Time

According to a population survey across Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, and USA conducted by Radius on behalf of Bang & Olufsen, a.k.a. la crème de la crème of  state-of-the-art TV and surround sound system designs or like I call it: The Charles Eames of electronic devices, 81,25% of interviewees aged 18-75 stated they preferred watching their favorite series, films, and sport on TV. Furthermore, TV continues to be a social gathering point for the whole family during the week to spend quality time together. 7 out of 10 families spend TV-time gathered on a couch and have one or more shows they watch together. Despite of living in the era of smartphones, where everyone lives in their own little world and is dispersed into different corners of the house each watching/doing something of their own choice, TV-time for family continues uniting loved ones after a long day of work or school and considered quality time by 83% of the interviewed families. Why? You get to laugh (or cry) together, comment, discuss and even come up with your common daily experiences or thoughts regarding what is going on in the screen.

Hubby and I, for instance, spend the last hours awake after a long day of work watching either series on Netflix or a great film together on the couch in front of our huge living room TV screen. We consider it a part of our quality time, because often, either he or I pause what we are watching to discuss and share our thoughts on what is happening (or to guess what could happen!) or if we relate to it. For instance, we recently watched together Interstellar by the great Christopher Nolan, and because we both love science (though hubby is a science and Mythbusters junkie) and also often watch science shows such as Cosmos or The Universe together, we were discussing the scientific aspects of the film (blackholes, wormholes, space time distortions, etc). Talking about the universe can also lead you to talk about our planet, about the state of the world, and eventually lead to discussing how you feel, hence TV-time means to us connecting even more. Admittedly, we also often pause films, so he can console me after shedding some tears (insert ninja emoji here).

TV-Time = Relaxation

Personally, as a blogger, ergo creative, who mostly works from 6 in the morning till night, for me it’s almost impossible to shut off my brain before bedtime, particularly because I am always getting ideas and constantly thinking of new and original content to create and post. Watching my favorite series (Big Bang Theory) or exploring new films on my couch cuddling with hubby is clearly not only my own way to relax and wind down. The vast majority of respondents aged 18-65  on the Bang & Olufsen study, describe TV as a “good way to relax”.


Why Design Matters To Me

I like my interior design minimal, clean, with clear lines, and modern. Therefore, I do consider the design of my electronic devices important in order to adhere to the rest and for the interior to be a cohesive whole. Granted, image quality, screen size, and sound quality come first, but that doesn’t mean one should neglect the physical aspect of one’s TV or sound system. Having said that, 1 out of 2 people interviewed in the Bang & Olufsen study conducted by Radius, assure that they consider TV “an important part of the overall interior design of their home”.

And who can complain about an ultra-modern and ultra-thin, elegant, beautiful, seamless, and minimal design such as, say, exactly the ones Bang & Olufsen offers? Take the (dreamy) Beovision Eclipse pictured below, which offers the latest OLED screen technology and the world’s best TV sound and how it effortlessly and seamlessly blends into a minimal, Scandinavian interior. I’d take one of those, please (err Christmas anyone? Hubby? Yes you, you know you want it.).


TV-Time Experience Enhancers

1. Image Quality. You don’t need to be a videophile to clearly sense that the better and clearer the image quality of a TV, the more you feel immersed into what you are watching and the more pleasant the experience becomes. I’ve been able to confirm this myself, as once I watched one of my favorite films on Youtube for the first time in (literally) terrible quality. When I experienced it in full quality later on on my big TV screen it became multidimensional and I could see details I didn’t before to subsequently understand better the film.

2. The Bigger The TV Screen, The Better. Hubby has always been a fan of big TV screens (not that I complain about it either), because it feels more like being in the cinema. He also states that, similarly to flawless image quality, a bigger screen makes you completely immerse into your favorite films or TV series. Seeing details becomes easier and offers a whole new world. As a matter of fact, the study shows that most men dream about big TV screens, so hubby is not the only one (if you plan on getting a TV for your guy, the bigger the screen, the better for him).

3. Surround Sound= A Whole New Dimension Added. If image quality and a big TV screen amplify the realness of experiencing a film or series, surround sound triplifies this effect. Or at least that’s my opinion, just like the majority of women interviewed in the study who think sound is of utmost importance on a TV. Just imagine watching a horror movie and the creaking sound of a door being clearly heard behind your back through a great surround sound system and tell me it’s not gonna send chills down your spine. Yes, the film becomes even more real and it’s like if you are really there. Surround sound is like a complete new dimension or new layer added to the film, whereas normal sound is only two-dimensional.

In conclusion: TV still matters and because it is a gathering point of families to spend quality time together, it will continue being important and present in homes, therefore TV is timeless.

What about you? Is TV-time for family also applicable in your case as a source of quality time together? Is image quality, a huge screen, and surround sound also as important to you to fully experience a film as it is for me? Let me know in the comments below.


Post sponsored by and in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. Words and opinions are my own.

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