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balenciaga knife mules outfit

Wearing: Balenciaga Knife Mules (similar on a budget here), Zara Trench Coat (find similar here), Maison Heroine  Bag c/o, Raiine Copenhagen Leather Pants c/o (shop similar here), Maison Cashmere Sweater c/o (similar), and Céline Sunglasses c/o Pretavoir

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Spring is officially here and so is trench, leather, and open shoe weather. Speaking of the latter, I took the opportunity to finally take my Balenciaga knife mules out for a spin.


balenciaga knife mules outfit balenciaga knife mules outfit balenciaga knife mules outfit

There’s no denying that the fast pace at which the fashion industry moves is unsustainable for the environment. We don’t see only every season new trends coming out of the runway, but often even monthly.

However, I don’t think trends are the enemy per se. While I think the fashion industry, aka one of the most polluting industries in the world, has definitely overdone it with trends, everything in life is about a healthy balance. I feel bad saying this, while I am actually wearing a trench I bought on sale at Zara. Though, to be honest, it is very rare that I shop there or in the high street in general for the past couple of years.

During the past weeks, I’ve read several articles from different sources endorsing people to adopt uniforms. This is not referring to personal style elements you find yourself gravitating towards or wearing more than others, but actually sticking to the same exact elements. Personally, I find this quite problematic, particularly if you are a passionate fashion fan and therefore use fashion to express yourself. Aren’t you limiting your options by adopting repetitive elements? You could argue that if you are creative enough, you won’t. I will admit the possibilities a capsule wardrobe offers can be very diverse. However, capsule wardrobes are not meant to be uniforms, as it is not against a varied wardrobe and to pick a couple of trends each season.

The main problem that I see in adopting uniforms is not only about limiting your options to express yourself, but it is more about endorsing a world view where looking or doing things differently is frowned upon. And given the current political climate in Europe and the USA, adopting uniforms might seem like making a political statement (alas, not a very tolerant one), rather than being a medium of self-expression.

Imagine a world where we all dress the same, just practical, just classic, just sticking to basics, just functional. To be honest, I don’t find it only scary, but sad. It’s not only reminiscent of an Orwellian nightmare, but I think it would be pretty damn boring.

While it is understandable that for many getting dressed in the morning means only additional stress and effort, uniformity is not the answer neither to it nor to the environmental problems we are facing and less to the political ones. This applies even less to you if you truly love fashion, as I doubt that getting dressed is stressful, but quite on the contrary — a joy. The true enemy of style are not trends, but it is exactly the lack of individuality and authenticity, i.e.  dressing only to fit in a homogenised society. I am a firm believer that the fear of standing alone and being yourself is one of the biggest enemies of humankind even if this is being expressed in such a superficial context as fashion. Or perhaps it is not as superficial as we think.

“Life is complicated. Getting dressed shouldn’t have to be.” That might apply if you are a person who is not particularly keen on or enthusiastic about fashion. However,  if you see fashion as an art form, why should you see getting dressed as something complicated? Why restrain yourself? Art and self-expression should be the last thing you suppress yourself in.

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