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Autumn Essentials

Featured:  1. Patrizia Aryton Coat In Goldbrown  2. minx Winn Coat   3. The Wrap Casual Camel Coat   4. GRETCHEN Tango Pouch Bag    5. Stuudio Nahk Franky Bag    6. Patrizia Aryton Suri Alpaca Jacket    7. Berenika Czarnota Knitted Sweater    8. Patrizia Aryton Checked Skirt    9. Huzior Hanabi Leather Pants    10. MUJJO Leather iPhone X Case    11. Patrizia Aryton Herringbone Pants    12. CYVONYUK Open Back Blouse


Let me introduce you to SHOWROOM, a.k.a. a place bringing together the best independent designers from Europe and offering incredible autumn essentials this season. It’s like a huge marketplace where you find clothing and accessories from the latest collections by up-and-coming designer labels from all over the continent. The best thing about it? Not only the fact that new designers offer —more often than not— cutting edge ideas defying traditional fashion in an attempt to make a name of their own and in need to strive and stick out of the bunch, but also that these ideas come with more affordable price tags and better quality than your average established luxury labels. Other independent designers have been doing flawless pieces for several decades and have a strong focus on quality and immaculate tailoring.

So is the case of my autumn essentials selection above, which I’ve chosen from SHOWROOM characterized by timelessness, versatility, and comfort. Scroll down to read why I chose each item and a brief summary about each of these amazing designers you should now.

Last, but not least, you will find below 3 outfits I wore with my autumn essentials I created in collaboration with SHOWROOM.


1. Patrizia Aryton Coat In Goldbrown   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you cannot have missed the #1 autumn essential this season: a brown coat, because that is THE color of the season. I’ve chosen this one in the perfect shade: a brown with golden undertones, which you can easily combine with other earthy tones like beige and burnt orange or other neutrals like grey and white.

The designer: Patrizia Aryton has been creating collections for modern and elegant women, who appreciate quality and style during the past 25 years.  Patrycja Cierocka’s goal is to offer modern classics characterized by luxury fabrics, refined colors, and immaculate tailoring.


2. minx Winn Coat  No autumn essentials list is complete without a camel coat and this one by minx comes in the perfect tone, shape, length, and belt details. If you ask me, this one might be the best investment you can make when it comes to fall and winter dressing since it’s timeless. I’ve received this coat from SHOWROOM,  which you can see me wearing if you scroll down and I can only recommend it and confirm its outstanding quality. You can judge by yourself how flawless it falls and how gorgeous the tone is.

The designer: minx is a 35 year-old German brand with a strong focus on comfort and on women who want to express individuality and personality through clothes that make them feel good.


3. The Wrap Casual Camel Coat A short, boxy tailored jacket paired with a midi skirt and tall boots or straight jeans and sock boots is a trending silhouette that is perfect for fall. Wear it with wide leg trousers or jeans paired with sneakers for an easy weekend outfit.

The designer: The Polish label The Wrap provides us with classic outerwear made from  high quality materials combining great tailoring, multifunctionality, and unique details.


4. GRETCHEN Tango Pouch Bag This statement handbag is a fun and playful piece that will give your fall outfits that extra oomph.

The designer: GRETCHEN stands for handbags made out of the finest calf leather in outstanding and unique designs.


5. Stuudio Nahk Franky Bag  It might come in a classic tote silhouette, but the structure on this bag is incredible and makes it be an atemporal statement piece in its own right.

The designer: Stuudio Nahk is a contemporary label offering luxury leather bags with a strong focus on the smallest details. Their easily wearable and practical designs can be worn to the office as well as to go out with friends.


6. Patrizia Aryton Suri Alpaca Jacket  A pea coat is a timeless piece that comes in handy when you want to look more polished without wearing a full layered outfit. This ones comes in an extremely luxurious alpaca fabric and a caramel tone, perfect for the season.


7. Berenika Czarnota Knitted Sweater  The perfect chunky knitted turtleneck in grey is definitely a basic wardrobe stable. This one is from the brilliant Berenika Czarnota, who makes the most beautiful and coziest knitwear you will ever put your eyes on.

The designer:  Berenika Czarnota is a designer I particularly love and you’ve seen me wearing one of her amazing pieces before. Her designs characterized by contemporary minimalism with fabrics chosen with utmost care,  have earned her the name ‘Knit-Queen‘  in the press due to her knit creations, which are celebrated and praised. Berenika, who started her own label in 2008, surprises us all each season with new collections of irresistable and one-of-a-kind designs.


8. Patrizia Aryton Checked Skirt  Midi skirts are a life saver when it comes to fall dressing, as they are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with heeled mules or ankle or over-the-knee boots whenever you are bored of your trousers or jeans and would prefer a more feminine silhouette. This one from Patrizia Aryton comes in a super warm fabric and a neutral shade easy to combine. Let’s not even mention its beautiful shape.


9. Huzior Hanabi Leather Pants  Another essential for autumn are undoubtedly leather pants to wear easily during those cold autumn days. The straight cut in these ones make them a trend piece at the moment which you can pair with sock black or white ankle boots and dress up or down easily with heels and sneakers.

The designer: Huzior specializes in leather garments and accessories, which are not only characterized by high quality and fabrication, but in attention to detail.


10. MUJJO Leather iPhone X Case  An accessory matching the season? Just imagine wearing head-to-toe earthy tones and your iPhone case matching the rest. Or at least matchy-matchy me likes the idea.

The designer: An innovative accessory label that began by designing a pair of gloves, MUJJO concentrates on minimal aesthetics and on the functionality of their products.


11. Patrizia Aryton Herringbone Pants  Classic tailored wool trousers are undoubtedly more than an essential, they are a classic staple in any wardrobe. These ones by Patrizia Aryton come with a flawless cut and immaculate tailoring besides having the perfect color. Just imagine it paired with a camel coat and sneakers. You can’t get a cooler and more comfortable, yet put together combination.


12. CYVONYUK Open Back Blouse  Office in front, party in the back, a going-out-top for fall is a must for the holiday season.

The designer: CYVONYUK is a Polish fashion brand created by Aleksandra Cywoniuk. It is well-known for its professional and high-quality creations, which unite light cuts and nonchalance. Her assortment includes unique pant cuts and dreamy tops.


The outfits:

Look #1: The Blanket Skirt

Wearing: Bo Carter Skirt in nude and Studio Cosima Evening Bag




Look #2 The Camel Coat

Wearing: minx Winn Coat and Studio Cosima Evening Bag




Look #3: Shades of Brown

Wearing: Patrizia Aryton Coat In Goldbrown



Advertisement in collaboration with SHOWROOM.

Words, ideas, and opinions are my own.


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