My Halloween Costume | Channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tifanny’s: How To

Audrey Heburn Breakfast at Tifanny's Costume

Halloween has always been one of my favorite celebrations since I was a little kid, but the part I love the most about it is wearing costumes. I still remember my first one at age 4, which was a ballerina. My mom made the tutu herself and I was a head-to-toe baby pink midget. Later on as a child, I would dress myself up and both of my sisters as different characters to play. I even made these whole shows for them and set up a stage with curtains and made hand puppets out of my hands and socks, made magic shows, and an endless list of fun stuff. From old ladies  with white powder on our hair and hand-drawn wrinkles, to clowns, you name it, we dressed up as everything imaginable. One of the last costumes I made for them was when I was a teenager: as Ringu. Hahaha, yeah, I scared the hell out of them, but we all had good fun at it.

Got asked on Instagram to post what I wore on Halloween on the blog, so I decided to tell you guys how to achieve the Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume and look with little or stuff you already own. Read below to know what you’ll need and for 5 easy steps to get the look.


Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

Wearing: Céline Baby Audrey Sunglasses c/o SmartBuyGlasses, Kurt Geiger Strappy Shoes and Kurt Geiger Bag c/o Kurt Geiger, Zara Cape Dress (old but found similar here ), Tiara (shop alternative here), Pearl Choker (buy similar here), Cigarette Holder, and an old Feather Boa

Shop The Look:


Which fashion loving individual doesn’t feel inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her elegant style? So why not channel her iconic character Holly Golightly? Here’s how to get the Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume with stuff you might already have in your closet.

What you will need:

  1. A LBD. Any midi or maxi little black number will do. Remember that it doesn’t  need to be exactly like the one Audrey was wearing, but simply reminiscent of it or resembling the style and its spirit.
  2. A Tiara. Make sure it has stones that look like diamonds and avoid openings in between.
  3. Fake Bangs. Make sure they are super short or you can trim them as short as necessary.
  4. Long Black Gloves. These are preferrable in satin or a satin-like material.
  5. Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses. A dupe of Céline’s Audrey sunglasses will work out perfectly for this one.
  6. A Pearl Necklace and Pearl Earrings. Make sure the pearl necklace has several layers around your neck and the pearls in the earrings should be big enough.
  7. A Cigarrette Holder. The longer, the better.
  8. Black High Heels. These can be classic pumps, strappy heels, or any kind of elegant shoe will do.

How to achieve the look:

1. The Hair.

The Bun: Simply tie your hair in a top ponytail and afterwards put a hair doughnut around it. Curl your hair around the doughnut forming the bun and fix with bobby pins.

The Bangs:  Position the bangs in place  and fasten with bobby pins. Make sure they are not too long, but very short, so you trim them if necessary. They should be at least 2cm above your eyebrows.


2.The Make-Up

The Eyes: Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a line along your upper eye lid leaving a slight wing. Brush a dark grey shade of eye shadow on your upper eyelid following the lash line. Position fake eyelashes and coat them with mascara.

Contouring and Lips: I recommend using a taupe shade of contour cream below your jawline and and along your cheekbones. Afterwards use a pink blush and brush it on the apples of your cheeks and if using a cream blush, you can also use it as lipstick as Audrey also wears a pinkish tone on her lips.


3. Get Dressed.

Put on your dress, shoes, gloves, jewelry, and sunglasses and you’re almost ready.


4. The Attitude.

Grab your cigarette holder in a glamourous way just like Audrey. I think the attitude and how you wear your Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume is what makes it, so go ahead and own it.

What about you guys? Do you have any additional tips to this Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume tutorial? What was your Halloween costume this year and what was your favorite Halloween costume ever? Let me know in the comments below. x

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