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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

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Today I am focusing on an artist whose work is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Intense? Yes. Morbid? Perhaps. A genius? Without the slightest doubt. Irish painter Francis Bacon’s (1909 – 1992) legacy consisting of defigurated and abstracted portraits, nudes, nightmarish scenes, and abstracted figures often enclosed in a cage-like geometry continues to be amongst the most powerful imagery created last century. They are its own genre of art.

Influenced by existentialist philosophy, Francis Bacon’s work examines human behaviour and the human condition with topics such as loneliness, loss, and angst. Some of his paintings continue today to be amongst the most aclaimmed, expensive, and sought after.

I was lucky  to see a huge exhibition dedicated to his most important works exhibited at Museo del Prado in 2009 during a trip to Madrid, an experience I will never forget.

Check below a selection of some of my favorite works, even though I excluded quite a few due to them being probably too intense, raw, and controversial.


Francis-Bacon-1 Francis-Bacon-2 Francis-Bacon-3 Francis-Bacon-4 Francis-Bacon-5 Miroir_de_la_Tauromachie_(1990)   Francis-Bacon-7 Francis-Bacon-8 Francis-Bacon-9 Francis-Bacon-10 Francis-Bacon-11 Francis-Bacon-12 Francis-Bacon-13 Francis-Bacon-14 Francis-Bacon-15 Francis-Bacon-17 Francis-Bacon-18 Francis-Bacon-19 Francis-Bacon-20 Francis-Bacon Francis-Bacon-22 Francis-Bacon-24 Francis-Bacon-25 Francis-Bacon-26 Francis-Bacon-27 Francis-Bacon-28 Francis Bacon Francis-Bacon-Portrait Francis-Bacon-Seated-Figure-760x1032

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