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6. February 2015


Tadao_Ando_0 Tadao_Ando_1 Tadao_Ando_2 Tadao_Ando_4 Tadao_Ando_5 Tadao_Ando_6 Tadao_Ando_7 Tadao_Ando_8 Tadao_Ando_9 Tadao_Ando_10 Tadao_Ando_final Tadao_Ando_final2 Tadao_Ando_12 Tadao_Ando_13 Tadao_Ando_14 Photo Sources: Pinterest  and F64

“I do not believe architecture has to speak too much.It should remain silent and let nature in the guise of sunlight and wind”. – Tadao Ando

Very much like predecessor Le Corbusier’s pioneering into reinforced concrete architecture, Ando’s understated work is conceived as concrete sculptures blending into a landscape. Even more than that, his buildings reflect nature and lets it be an integral part of it. Before the International Style, Japanese art and architecture, was, after all, the main source of influence in all modernist art and architecture and they had always been traditionally nature-centric before the Westernization of the country.

Pretty much like many architecture students, I was at the beginning impressed by and infatuated with the works of Frank Gehry and other deconstructivist postmodern architects, dreaming of designing one day my own chaotic sculpture. But the more I learned about a person’s, population’s and a city’s needs, I learned to appreciate simplicity and raw functionalism. However, the undeniable beauty of Ando’s works goes beyond that by creating moods, atmospheres, and even a poetic statement with the incorporation of natural light into living spaces.

Featured buildings: 1. Chichu Art Museum 2. Capella di Mare 3. The Church of Light  4. Koshino House  5. Koshino House  6. Hansol Museum  7. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art  8. House Kidosaki  9. Teatrino Palazzo Grassi  10. Teatro Armani  11. Vitra Conference Pavillion 12. UNESCO Meditation Space  13. UNESCO Meditation Space  14. Pulitzer Art Foundation  15. Koshino House  16. Langen Foundation 17. Koshino House

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3 responses to “Art and Architecture | Tadao Ando: The Master of Light”

  1. Sophia says:

    Wow, unbelievable beautiful.

    I’m gonna show it to my brother now!

  2. Nena says:

    He definitely is! Tadao can do the most beautiful and easiest things with natural light.

  3. Viktoria says:

    wow! thanks for sharing this amazing inspiration

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