Outfit | 6 Hacks To Wear Your Trenchcoat Unconventionally

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How To Wear A Trenchcoat How To Wear A Trenchcoat How To Wear A Trenchcoat How To Wear A Trenchcoat How To Wear A Trenchcoat

Why wear your trenchcoat right, when you can wear it wrong? That’s right. If you’re bored of the traditional way to wear a trenchcoat and want to add an effortless touch to your look, read ahead to find out simple hacks to update your fall outfit and make them look as if you’re wearing different coats.

Hack #1: Drape it over your shoulders. If you want to show off your outfit, then this way of wearing a trenchcoat is just for you.

Hack #2: The Telescope Effect. Layer underneath an extra long sleeved top, shirt, or sweater peeking out from under your trenchcoat’s sleeves.

Hack#3: Layer It Up (Or Down). Add a biker jacket, another trenchcoat, or a waistcoat on top or underneath the trench for a layered look.

Hack #4:  The Sleeve Roll. Roll up your trenchcoat’s sleeves for an unstudied vibe.

Hack #5: Cinch It. For a more femenine and flattering look, cinch your waistcoat.

Hack #6: Mind the Gap. Leave a gap when you tie your trench coat to leave visible your top layered underneath.

How about you? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve (no pun intended) that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below.



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